Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO 3x375ml

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  • High Polyphenol Content: Packed with antioxidants that support heart health and reduce inflammation.
  • Cold-Pressed and Unfiltered: Maintains natural nutrients and authentic flavor.
  • Organic and Sustainable: Produced using ecological farming methods without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Low Acidity: Less than 0.4%, ensuring purity and premium quality.
  • Fresh Flavor Profile: Notes of almond, artichoke, and wild herbs, offering a mildly fruity taste.
  • Convenient Packaging: Comes in three 500ml bottles, perfect for maintaining freshness and ease of use.
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Experience the exceptional quality of Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO, a premium extra virgin olive oil made from Koroneiki olives. This 2023 harvest represents the pinnacle of organic olive oil production, sourced from the fertile Mani region of Greece. Known for its high polyphenol content, this olive oil is cold-pressed below 27°C to retain its nutritional benefits and fresh, mildly fruity flavor. Each bottle embodies the rich environment and generations of olive-growing expertise, harmonized through sustainable and ecological farming practices.

Why You Should Buy:

Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO is perfect for those who value high-quality, healthful olive oil. Its high polyphenol content supports cardiovascular health, reduces cholesterol levels, and provides significant antioxidant protection. This olive oil enhances the flavor of your dishes while contributing to overall wellness. The packaging in three 500ml bottles ensures that the oil stays fresh longer. Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO is a smart choice for health-conscious consumers and gourmet enthusiasts alike.

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Lifestyle Integration:

Incorporate Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO into your daily routine by using it as a finishing oil for salads, drizzling over roasted vegetables, or incorporating it into your favorite recipes. Its rich flavor pairs well with a variety of foods, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen. Whether used in cooking or as a health supplement, this olive oil offers both taste and health benefits, enhancing both everyday meals and gourmet creations.

Mani Blauel: Commitment to Quality

Mani Blauel is dedicated to producing high-quality, organic olive oils using sustainable and traditional farming methods. Each bottle of Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO reflects their commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship. The company’s meticulous production process ensures that their olive oil is not just a product, but a testament to the rich heritage and ecological practices of the Mani region. Their dedication to quality and sustainability makes their olive oil an exceptional choice for those who appreciate fine, healthful foods.

Learn more about the Blauel family’s commitment to ethics, here.

1 review for Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO 3x375ml

  1. Paris

    Great high polyphenol olive oil organic and high quality, loving this Evoo 🙂 highly recommending it , so many great health benefits by adding high quality Evoo to your diet .

    • stelios ellinas

      thank you for your feedback ! Mani Blauel is the first to produce organic evoo in Greece since 1983 and i must admit all their products are of exquisite quality !

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