Mani Blauel Organic Evoo High Polyphenol 12 x 375ml


  • Wholesale pack of Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO, 12x375ml.
  • 2023 Harvest with Koroneiki olives, rich in antioxidants.
  • Cold-pressed for flavor and nutritional preservation.
  • Flavor profile: mildly fruity with almond and herb notes.
  • Sustainably and organically produced.
  • Acidity below 0.4%, surpassing ‘extra virgin’ quality.
  • Free shipping on wholesale pack.
  • Ideal for heart health, enriched with beneficial fats.


This item will be released February 28, 2024.


Mani Blauel Organic EVOO: Bulk Box of 12x375ml with Free Shipping

Exceptional Bulk Value Explore the outstanding value of our Mani Blauel Organic EVOO bulk box. This package includes twelve 375ml bottles from the 2023 harvest. Sourced from Greece’s renowned Mani region, it offers quality and convenience, complete with free shipping.

Koroneiki Olives: Heart of Our Oil Our EVOO features Koroneiki olives, celebrated for their antioxidant richness. These olives enhance the oil’s flavor and support health, particularly heart health and cholesterol management.

Sustainable Farming: A Commitment In 2023, our dedication to sustainable agriculture is stronger than ever. We handpick each olive at peak ripeness, ensuring an ideal mix of color, aroma, and polyphenols. Our cold extraction method, under 27°C, preserves these essential qualities.

Exceeding Quality Standards Our olive oil sets high standards, with less than 0.4% acidity in each batch. This stringent control ensures superior purity and a flavor that surpasses ‘extra virgin’ standards.

A Symphony of Flavors Enjoy our olive oil’s rich, mildly fruity taste. Notes of almond, artichoke, and wild herbs reflect the Mani region’s fertile soils and climate. This taste showcases our ethical and sustainable farming.

Ideal for Retailers and Food Enthusiasts Our 12x375ml bulk box, offered with free shipping, suits retailers and culinary aficionados. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking quality and value in bulk purchases.

Versatility in Culinary Use Mani Blauel Organic EVOO is a kitchen essential, perfect for various dishes. Its robust flavor enhances salads, marinades, and dips. Its health benefits also make it a nutritious choice for a healthy diet.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 42 × 36 × 36 cm


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