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Polyphenols as food bioactive compounds in the context of Autism Spectrum Disorders

A critical mini-review Serra, Diana & Almeida, Leonor & Dinis, Teresa. (2019). Polyphenols as food bioactive compounds in the context of Autism Spectrum Disorders: A critical mini-review. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral…
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Gourmet – Greek Potato Salad with Octopus (Recipe)

It’s always great, to think of ways you could incorporate our Gourmet Grocery Cy products into your life! It’s even greater, when you have something to suggest! This is a…
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Gourmet Groceries Gift Boxes

A Few Things about our Gift Boxes

Since its inception in November 2015, Gourmet Groceries has been a private company of international, pure and organic award-winning products, coming from selected producers, in a variety of flavors. Thelove the…
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Gourmet Groceries is an online gourmet grocery store offering select, award-winning products from the Mediterranean, mainly from Greece and Cyprus.
Our top-quality products can be delivered worldwide via DHL using our fast and secure website.

We founded Gourmet Groceries in 2015, in Nicosia, Cyprus aiming to make pure and organic Greek food and other products available all over the world. We strive to promote small farmers, producers and family-owned companies that have small productions but high-quality food products,
as well as respect for the environment that provides for them.

Our company specializes in gourmet Mediterranean – Greek products such as high phenolic extra virgin olive oils and limited reserve raw honey.
Our shop is a great choice for Corporate Event Gifts. We create beautiful handmade customized gift baskets packed with superior gourmet products.

Learn more About us and definitely check our Gourmet Products.