Pamako Ultra Premium Monovarietal Organic Evoo 1x500ml

          2023 Harvest

  • Polyphenols     2039  mg/kg

Produced from 100% Tsounati Olive Variety


From Selino, Crete


Multi Award-Winning


Certified with a Health Claim


An Olive Oil SO Healthy it was Named ‘Medicine’!

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Pamako Ultra Premium Monovarietal Olive Oil 1x500ml: Essence of Health and Tradition

Rooted in Antiquity, Flourishing in Health ‘Pamako’, translating to ‘medicine’ from Mycenaean Greek, signifies the olive oil’s rich phenolic content. This EVOO is a powerhouse of antioxidants, enhancing wellness and combating diseases.

EU’s Stamp of Health The EU has recognized Pamako Ultra Premium Monovarietal for its health benefits under regulation 432/2012. This certification underscores its role in promoting health.

Key Characteristics

  • Olive Variety: 100% Tsounati.
  • Phenolic Richness: 2039 mg/kg.
  • Organic Purity: Certified organic.

Taste and Aroma: A Gourmet’s Delight Enjoy Pamako’s fresh, fruity aroma with spicy undertones and a soft bitter taste. This balance offers a unique culinary experience.

Tradition Meets Innovation Pamako combines traditional methods with modern technology. This synergy ensures an EVOO of the highest quality and flavor.

A Trove of Health Benefits Rich in oleocanthal and oleacein, Pamako offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Regular consumption supports a healthy lifestyle.

Pamako’s Vision: Harmonizing Past and Present Established in 2014, Pamako aims to blend ancient olive oil traditions with modern techniques. Our goal is an EVOO that excels in both taste and health benefits.

Acclaimed Globally for Excellence Pamako’s multiple international awards testify to its quality and innovation in olive oil production. These honors reflect our dedication to excellence.

Beyond Olive Oil: A Dietary Staple Pamako is an integral part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. It’s known for its health benefits and rich taste, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and natural practices.

Dedication to Quality and Well-Being Each bottle of Pamako epitomizes our commitment to producing olive oil rich in health benefits. It’s a testament to our belief in nature’s healing powers and our dedication to sustainable, health-conscious practices.

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