Pamako Olive Oil-Premium Monovarietal Organic 500ml

High Phenolic


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Pamako. An unusual name for olive oil, hiding excellent quality and elegant packaging. Comes from Chania, Crete, in a special, glass bottle with a certified health claim. Its name also means drug itself.  No, the word Pamako not some exotic foreign language. It comes from Linear B, the oldest written language in Europe, the first Greek writing.

Linear B was first discovered in the palace of Knossos, but clay tablets written in Linear B have since been found at Pylos, Thebes, Mycenae and elsewhere. It later and differs from Linear A, writing the Minoan period.

Pamako, therefore, is a real oil ‘a true nature drug’, which is high in polyphenols, natural substances known for their antioxidant activity. Minimum olive oils in Europe have certified themselves as “medicinal” and Pamako is one of them.

Because of the area’s morphology, the use of heavy machinery is not possible. Harvesting is done by hand, with electric sticks, while climbing through the trees and carefully harvesting only the fruits that have a light green color, before they start to change.

During the evaluation of the results of a chemical analysis by the Department of Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy & Natural Products Chemistry of National University of Athens in March 2015, the evaluation of Pamako olive oils showed impressive results.

The levels of Oleocanthal and Oleacein present in “Pamako Monovarietal’’ & “Pamako blend” are higher than the average values of international university studies till now performed. It should be noted that Oleocanthal and Oleacein present important biological activity and they have been related to anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity. Also due to European regulation 432/2012, standards, the hydroxytyrosol derivatives that “Pamako” has is over than 5mg/20gr olive oil. Such a result concludes that daily consumption of 20gr of “Pamako” protects the blood lipids from oxidative stress.

The bottle and the two oil varieties are black, that special oil to protect against deterioration caused by sunlight. The cap is made of cork with a wooden finish.

100% Tsounati variety, Fresh & fruity aroma with strong spicy elements and soft bitter taste.

One of the highest phenolic EVOO’s in Greece for 2018. value 1310 .


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