7 Elies High Phenolic Organic Evoo by Atsas


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  • Worldwide Shipping: Convenient, safe, fast global delivery.
  • High Phenolic Content: Rich in antioxidants, supporting overall health.
  • Cold-Pressed and Unfiltered: Preserves natural nutrients and flavor.
  • Award-Winning: Multiple international accolades, including Aristoleo Awards.
  • Organic and Sustainable: Ensures premium quality and eco-friendly production.
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Experience the superior quality of 7 Elies High Phenolic Organic EVOO by Atsas. This premium extra virgin olive oil, crafted from a blend of koroneiki and kypriaki olives, is harvested early to capture the highest polyphenol content. Recognized for its potent health benefits and rich, robust flavor, this EVOO is a gourmet delight.

Why You Should Buy

7 Elies High Phenolic Organic EVOO is perfect for those seeking exceptional taste and health benefits. Its high polyphenol content supports heart health, reduces inflammation, and provides robust antioxidant protection.

Lifestyle Integration

Ideal for drizzling over salads, enhancing gourmet dishes, or taking a tablespoon each morning. 7 Elies EVOO seamlessly integrates into a health-conscious lifestyle. Its rich flavor and medicinal properties make it a staple for wellness and culinary excellence.

Atsas: Mediterranean Treasure

Atsas products are cultivated in the pristine environment of Cyprus, where innovation meets tradition to produce some of the highest phenolic content olive oils in the world. The dedication to organic farming and sustainable practices ensures that each bottle of Atsas EVOO is of the highest quality, delivering unparalleled health benefits and flavor.

To learn more about the health benefits of Atsas olive oils, click here.

The Gourmet Groceries Philosophy

We’re a small family business with a dedication to supporting local farms and ensuring the utmost quality for our customers. By partnering with producers, we help sustain traditional farming practices and promote environmental stewardship. Our commitment to quality means we source only the finest products, ensuring that each item meets our rigorous standards for taste and nutrition. Our goal is to bring exceptional, ethically sourced, and delicious products to our customers while also empowering local communities and preserving agricultural heritage.

Learn more about our mission and why we think sustainable farming is so important, here.

1 review for 7 Elies High Phenolic Organic Evoo by Atsas

  1. eiss santos (verified owner)

    My son was diagnosed with language disorder to consider asd. I placed him under Nemechek Protocol and got wonderful gains. But 7 elies was a game changer for us, as well as atsas.

    Here are my observations with 7 elies:
    ● improved expressive and receptive speech, he is a lot better in communicating with all of us since I started giving 7 elies
    ● has a better grasp of what is happening around him. If he doesn’t want to share his toy to his younger sibling I used to give alternatives for my younger child, now he is the one giving the alternatives.
    ● he started calling his cousins ate and kuya
    ● he would play with his cousins intentionally and meaningfully
    ● he can sometimes feel himself peeing (I think I still have a long way to go when it comes to being diaper free)
    ● he started to draw cars, planet, etc.
    ● he started to imitate dance moves, before, his dance would consists of swaying and hand flapping only
    ● he is getting better at observing little details, there was a time that he asked me to draw Amber from Robocar Poli and I forgot to include the letter “A” on Amber’s ribbon, then he insisted that I should put the letter “A” on the spot that I omitted.
    ● I can’t stay on my phone for too long now or I can’t reply to messages asap, cause if he wants something from me or if he wants me to do something that he can’t do and I am on my phone he’ll tell me “mami tigilan mo cellphone mo.” (Mommy stop using your cellphone).

    • stelios ellinas

      many thanks for your info above ! we do wish you to have many more gains and happy healing !

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