Yanni’s Finest Olive Grove 500ml (flat shipping 10 euro)

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            2023 harvest 

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  • Yanni’s Olive Grove Early Harvest EVOO
  • Hand-picked olives from Nea Potidaea, Chalkidiki
  • High polyphenol content, cold-pressed <27°
  • Integral in MICOIL scientific study
  • Intensely fruity aroma, pungent and balanced taste
  • Packaged in oxidation-resistant tins
  • Traceable journey from grove to table
  • Supports cognitive health, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • Committed to sustainability and environmental protection



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Yanni’s Finest Olive Grove: A Legacy of Greek Excellence

Introducing Yanni’s Finest At Yanni’s Finest Olive Grove, we take pride in our Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our family-run estate in Nea Potidaea, Chalkidiki, is a testament to the fusion of tradition and modern science.

Harvesting with Care Over 6,000 wild olive trees thrive on our estate. We hand-pick our olives early, ensuring a rich antioxidant content. This careful process results in an EVOO high in polyphenols, essential for health.

Pioneering Research in Olive Oil Yanni’s Finest leads in integrating scientific research with olive oil production. We’re the first in Greece to join clinical trials on EVOO’s health benefits. This innovation places us at the forefront of the industry.

Taste and Quality: Our Pride Our olive oil, cold-pressed below 27°, preserves its health benefits. It boasts an intensely fruity aroma and a balanced, spicy taste. We ensure freshness by processing the olives quickly after harvest.

Sustainability and Packaging We use tin containers for packaging, akin to stainless-steel tanks. This method protects the oil from oxidation. Our commitment to sustainability extends to recycling and participating in the Intelligent Agriculture program.

Health Benefits and Global Recognition Our EVOO is known for its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, as highlighted in the MICOIL studies. This research underscores its role in cognitive health. Our dedication has earned us over 50 international awards.

Experience the Tradition Enjoy Yanni’s Finest Olive Grove’s EVOO with a 10 Euro Flat Rate for worldwide shipping. Join us in celebrating a blend of Greek heritage and scientific innovation.


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