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It is a single-varietal green early harvest extra virgin olive oil very balanced with low acidity, intense fruity aroma, and bitter taste with a characteristic pungent aftertaste, produced from the local variety “Chondroelia of Chalkidiki” grafted into Wild olive tree of Chalkidiki  (Agrielia). It has clear, bright green color and exceptional organoleptic characteristics. It contains the highest number of antioxidants than most extra virgin olive oils and excellent organoleptic characteristics which are essential credentials of a green early harvest extra virgin olive oil of rare value. We recommend that it should be consumed raw



MICOIL is a nature’s gift to man!

Yanni’s Finest EVOO is the first Greek EVOO applied on many certified scientific clinical trials on humans showing its health benefits by supporting the physiological human function.



The MICOIL’s multy paper study partners were “The Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders – Alzheimer Hellas”, “the World Olive Center for Health -WOCH” the “Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece” the “National Kapodistrian University in Athens” and the olive oil production company “Yanni’s Olive Grove”.

The first papers of the study have recently been published in major medical journals proving that:

MASTER STUDY: A randomized clinical trial of Greek High Phenolic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Mild Cognitive Impairment: the MICOIL pilot study.

(Magda Tsolaki, Eftychia Lazarou, Machi Kozori, Niki Petridou, Irene Tabakis  , Ioulietta Lazarou, Maria Karakota, Iordanis Saoulidis, Eleni Melliou and Prokopios Magiatis, 2020).

Results: A long-term intervention with Yanni’s Finest early- harvest extra virgin olive oil was associated with a significant improvement in cognitive function compared to the Mediterranean diet. The Principal Investigator of the MICOIL study/ Professor of 1st Department of Neurology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece /and Chair of Greek Federation of Alzheimer’s disease in Greece,  Prof. Magda Tsolaki  said “To date, there is no other study that has examined in such detail the effects of extra virgin olive oil on the elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment as an effective solution for cognitive impairment”



2nd  study: Administration of the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) patients as a therapy for preventing the progress to AD.

(Tzekaki E. Eleni, 2019)

Results: The levels of the oxidative stress biomarker, malondialdehyde (MDA) showed a significant decrease in MCI patients subjected to EVOO therapy revealing the involvement of the beneficial antioxidative properties of EVOO in the progression of AD.




3rd Study: Polar phenols of virgin olive oil :  an estimate of their content in commercial products to be used in a clinical study to prevent Mild Cognitive Impairment.

(Prodromou I. Sofia, 2020)

Results: It is showed that the cultivation and harvest process are in excellent level using online satellite and meteorological data systems. During the olive oil milling either with laboratory or industrial practices the product of Yanni’s early harvest evoo shows a major phenolic content and also can preserve its high phenolic content it in time.



4th Study: Restoration of BMI1 levels after the administration of early harvest extra virgin olive oil as a therapeutic strategy against Alzheimer’s disease.

(Elena E. Tzekaki, Angelos Papaspyropoulos, Magda Tsolaki, Eftychia Lazarou, Mahi Kozori and Anastasia A. Pantazaki, 2020)

Results: The study implies that EVOO, a completely natural product, may potentially act as an alternative therapy for preventing AD onset. Restoration of BMI1 activity by the proposed one year supplementation could represent a therapeutic modality for AD, hence having an important impact on the design of future therapeutic strategies for AD prevention.



Three more MICOIL’s paper studies ready to be published soon and one more for Breast Cancer.




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