Mani Blauel Kalamata organic( black) Olives in Oil 4,7kg ( includ. shipping )

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Organic Extra Virgin Olives in Oil (4,7kg total ) 3kg net olives
black kalamata olives

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Introducing the Rich Flavor of Mani Blauel Organic Kalamata Black Olives in Olive Oil

As pioneers of organic traditional Greek cuisine, Mani Blauel takes pride in being the first company to produce certified organic olive oil in Greece. For the production of high-quality olives, they understand that the environment (including the soil and climate) and the olive tree variety are crucial. The Mani region in Greece offers the ideal growing conditions and well-established olive tree varieties, resulting in exquisite organic olives.

The process of creating these delectable olives includes:

  • Stone and mineral-rich soil
  • Optimal location and climate conditions
  • Ecological soil management
  • Professional pruning of the trees
  • The use of local olive variety
  • Immediate, gentle processing after harvest
  • Strict quality control
  • Adequate storage and packaging

At the heart of the Bläuel family business lies respect, appreciation, and love for people, the environment, and their origins. Their commitment to certified organic farming is a reflection of their appreciation for nature and the environment. By responsibly using precious resources, embracing sustainable processing, and locally sourcing raw materials, Mani Blauel contributes to preserving the cultural landscape of the Mani region while minimizing their environmental footprint.

The Mani Blauel Organic Kalamata Black Olives are a true delicacy packed in olive oil. Each tin contains 3 kg net of olives in olive oil, with a total weight of 4.7 kg per tin. These table olives are harvested by hand and naturally cured for six months. Then, they are expertly seasoned with Mani Blauel extra virgin olive oil, salt, and aromatic oregano before being sealed in the tin with extra virgin olive oil.


  • Kalamata olive variety
  • Organic
  • Vegan


The olives are marinated in extra virgin olive oil, aromatic oregano, and seasoned with sea salt to perfection. Packed in olive oil, these olives are a true specialty of Greece.

Taste and Aroma:

Experience the fresh and mildly fruity flavors, accompanied by delightful hints of spice, almond, artichoke, and oregano. Each bite will transport you to the enchanting olive groves of the Mani region.


Mani Blauel table olives are carefully harvested and de-bittered following the natural, traditional method of curing in sea salt brine. These olives are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, meeting the criteria for a raw diet.

Perfect For:

  • An entrée or as a snack
  • Incorporating into culinary creations – such as with rice or pasta dishes or making sauces
  • Picnics
  • Enjoying with a glass of wine

The Bläuel family’s journey began in the late 1970s when Fritz and Burgi Bläuel came to the Mani region in search of an alternative way of life. Their dedication to organic agriculture and collaboration with local olive farmers and oil-millers led to Greece’s first Organic certified olive oil, now celebrated worldwide. Their son Felix joined the management in 2009, contributing to their commitment to ethical business practices and obtaining the Naturland Fair certification, which reflects their long-term environmental and social dedication.

Beyond their award-winning olive oils, olives, and mezes, the Bläuel family takes pride in preserving the cultural landscape of Mani, the heart of traditional, organic olive cultivation in Greece. Inspired by the ancient cultural heritage of Greek Mani, Mani Bläuel works diligently to maintain this legacy with passion and love.

Enjoy the authentic taste of Greece with Mani Blauel Organic Kalamata Black Olives in Olive Oil – a culinary delight from the heart of Greece to savor and share with your loved ones.

Weight 6,5 kg
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