KALAMATA Olives Al Naturale [organic]

These exquisite Naturland Fair certified MANI organic green olives have a firm, crisp texture and exude a wonderful spicy flavour. Harvested by hand, these green table olives are naturally cured for six months and seasoned with MANI extra virgin olive oil, salt and aromatic oregano then vacuum packed in the jar. Suitable for raw food nutrition!

Ingredients: Green olives*º (99%), oregano, extra virgin olive oil*, sea salt, lactic acid

*Product of certified organic farming.
º Naturland Fair certified (99%)


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he farners cultivate their olives trees traditionally and harvest by hand, The olives are then natrurally cured for six months and preserved in MANI extra virgin olive oil.

The famous Kalamata olive is characterized by its mild, juicy flavour, so unique that it can be blind tasted. A real delicacy, as an appetizer, in salads and even for cooking.

Ingredients: Kalamata olives*º (64%), extra virgin olive oil* (36%), sea salt, lactic acid

*Certified Product of Organic Farming
º Naturland Fair certified (64%)

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