Mani Blauel Olive Paste Organic [tapenade]

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From the Mani Region of Greece

 Multi Award-Winning Brand

Kalamata Olive Paste, Organic (180g jar)

For the Naturland Fair certified MANI organic Kalamata olive paste exquisite organic Kalamata olives, selected herbs and MANI organic extra virgin olive oil are processed carefully.
Very aromatic and tasty!

Mani Blauel are pioneers of organic traditional Greek cuisine as the first company to produce certified organic olive oil in Greece. Mani Blauel know that the main factors for producing high quality olives are the environment (the soil and climate) and the olive tree variety. The Mani region in Greece offers the ideal growing conditions and well-established olive tree varieties which, along with century-old olive-growing technical skills provide exquisite organic olives.


Respect, appreciation and love for the people, for the environment and for their origins are the ​​pillars of the Bläuel family business. Mani consider certified organic farming to be an expression of appreciation for nature and the environment. Through responsible usage of precious resources, sustainable processing and largely local sourcing of raw materials, the Mani Blauel brand contributes to the preservation of the cultural landscape of the Mani region whilst minimizing the environmental footprint of the company.



  • Kalamata olive variety
  • Organic
  • Vegan



Kalamata olives*º (74%), green olives*º (20%), extra virgin olive oil*(5%), garlic*, basil*, oregano*, sea salt, lactic acid

*Product of certified organic farming.
º Naturland Fair certified (94%)




Taste and Aroma

The taste of fresh, plump and juicy Kalamata olives with a mild but satisfying flavour of garlic and herbs with a delectable aroma.



Mani Blauel olives are largely hand-picked and sorted immediately after harvest again by hand for quality and size. They are then placed in brine, in order to remove their natural bitterness with the brine liquid being refreshed regularly. The correct de-bittering process is the secret of the distinctive taste of Mani Blauel olives. The olives are subsequently processed into the various olive products in the traditional way.

Perfect For

✓ Spreading on toast as an entrée.


✓ Incorporating into culinary creations – such as with rice or pasta or making sauces.

✓ Picnics.


More to the Gourmet Story…

Appreciation for man and nature has always been the basis of all economic activity for the Bläuel family. Fritz and Burgi Bläuel came to the Mani in the late 1970s in search of an alternative way of life. They soon started expanding an organic agriculture project together with the local olive farmers and oil-millers. With entrepreneurial vision, respect for people and for the cultural landscape of the Mani together with much effort and enthusiasm, they managed to unite the farmers. Through effectively communicating to the farmers the benefits of organic agriculture and the associated market opportunities they gradually gained their cooperation and support.

The reward of this cooperation was Greece’s first Organic certified olive oil, that is today exported worldwide. In 2009, Fritz and Burgi’s son Felix joined the company management and contributes to setting new goals for the future. Goals such as their recently obtained Naturland Fair certification, which makes the long-term environmental and social commitment of the company transparent and measurable. Ethical business in harmony with man and nature has been the hallmark of the Bläuel family business for over 30 years.

The fruits of their labour are not in the form of award-winning Mani Blauel organic extra virgin olive oils, organic olives and organic mezes but even more so, in the preservation of Mani’s cultural landscape as the centre of traditional, organic olive cultivation in GreeceMani Bläuel is inspired by the ancient cultural heritage of Greek Mani and works to maintain it with dedication and love.

Awards and Features


More information about Mani Blauel’s multiple awards can be found here.



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