1x100ml GIUSTI 100 Limited edition (100 years old)


1x100ml PDO MODENA

Aged at least 100 years, according to the traditional system of “decanter and refill” through a series of wooden casks.



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Giusti 100 is a premium balsamic vinegar from Giuseppe Giusti, a family-owned producer of traditional balsamic vinegar that has been operating since 1605 in Modena, Italy. This balsamic vinegar has been aged for 100 years, making it a rare and highly valued product among balsamic vinegar enthusiasts.

The 1x100ml measurement refers to a single bottle or container of the vinegar, containing 100 milliliters of the product. The small size of the bottle reflects the rarity and exclusivity of this vinegar, which is considered a true luxury product.

Giusti 100 balsamic vinegar is made using a blend of grape varieties that are carefully selected and blended to create a unique flavor profile. The vinegar is aged for a century in a series of wooden barrels, each made from a different type of wood, which imparts a distinct flavor to the vinegar. The result is a vinegar with an incredibly rich, complex, and intense flavor that is unmatched by younger balsamic vinegars.

Due to its high quality and rarity, Giusti 100 balsamic vinegar is one of the most expensive balsamic vinegars in the world. It is a true luxury product that is prized by chefs and food lovers around the globe.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

Due to its intense flavor, Giusti 100 balsamic vinegar is best used sparingly as a finishing touch to enhance the flavor of dishes. Here are some food pairing suggestions:

  • Drizzle it over ripe strawberries, fresh mozzarella, or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese for a decadent treat.
  • Use it as a condiment for grilled meats or vegetables to add depth and complexity to the flavors.
  • Pair it with a fine aged cheese, such as Gorgonzola or Roquefort, to complement the rich flavors of the vinegar.
  • Mix it with olive oil to create a flavorful dressing for salads or roasted vegetables, but use sparingly as the flavor of the vinegar is very intense.

Giuseppe Giusti’s “Giusti 100” balsamic vinegar is a true masterpiece of traditional Italian cuisine, and a must-try for anyone who appreciates the finest things in life.

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