Anagennisis Wines : Statir Red P.D.O Nemea 750 ml

Nemea Valley Wine Production Since 1876


Variety: 100% Agiorgitiko
Area: Ancient Nemea, Corinthia
Soil: Red Soil, Sandy Clay Loam
Αltitude: 340m
Production: 6.7-8.9bs/acre (pounds per acre)
Alcohol: 12.5% alc./vol


Ten days extractivity pulp (Marcs & Grape juice).
Starting in the 10°C, with a gradual rise and end of fermentation up to 20°C, with three recirculation day.


Nose with aromas of red fruits with a preponderance of cherry and sour cherry.
Good body, rich mouth with soft tannins and a good finish.
Serve at room temperature 18°C – 20°C.
Accompanying juicy red meats with spicy sauces and cheese.


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Nemea Valley Wine Production Since 1876

Domaine Anagennisi (Renaissance) and its vineyards are located near the ancient Nemea (Nemea Valley) in Peloponnese, Greece. The history of this region is not only famous for its ancient games, the Nemean, but also for its great production of PDO greek wines. The main grape variety grown in the vineyards of Nemea is the famous Agiorgitiko which is used to create the best greek red wines. The special climate of the area in relation to the particular soil, height and location of the valley provide an excellent flavor to Nemea’s wines and especially to Agiorgitiko wines. Domaine Anagennisi (Renaissance) exploiting the natural resources Nemea valley provides and maintaining the tradition of winemaking creates a high quality red wine made from Agiorgitiko variety. To make better use of these natural resources the winery uses the latest technology and wine expertise, following the traditional red wine vinification method. The cellar of our estate consists of eight different wine labels of which five are devoted to the creation of red wine from Agiorgitiko variety.

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