La Tour Melas 2017 (750ml)- A Collector’s Vintage

Food-Cooking Style Υellow cheese platter, pepper fillet and game bird.
Serve Temp 16 – 18 °C

2017: A Collector’s Vintage
Tasting Notes
Intense nose of black fruits with notes
of eucalyptus and violets, here again
the Cabernet Franc excels with its purity.
Tension and structure give exceptional
freshness and length to the wine.
The abundant but refined tannins and
the high level of savoury fruit bound
together in a velvety and deep structure.
Clay and limestone
Organic farming
Geographical location
Single vineyard in Achinos,
Central Greece, PGI Fthiotida
Age of vines
5-17 years
30 to 38hL/ha
Bottle sizes
75cL and 150cL
Total precipitation
550 mm mainly during spring and
early summer.
60% Cabernet Franc
40% Merlot
Date of picking
Merlot 09-20/08/17
Cabernet Franc 17/08-13/09/17
4800 bottles 75cL
180 bottles 150cL
22 months in 225L barrels
100% french oak, 70% new
Hand cropping, intra-parcellation.
The different micro-lots ferment in
open top barrels with wild yeasts.
Malolactic fermentation in barrels.
No finning, no filtration, total
sulphites <100mg/L.
Seasonality was the success of this exceptional vintage. Marked by a cold winter, with abundant
snow, changing in to a warm but wet spring letting the vines blossom. Some afternoon showers helped
cool the hot days during the summer. These idyllic conditions allowed the grapes to mature gradually,
perfecting their phenolic structure, providing silky tannins and tension.
The 2017 Vintage is an example of the expression of the terroir at La Tour Melas. A wine of exceptional
structure which can be appreciated for many years to come. – Panos Zoumboulis, Consultant Oenologist




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The Estate
sloping terraces is composed of alluvial gravels of the Quaternary and rises up to 200 meters above the sea level,
separated only by two kilometers. These gravels mainly consist of clays, sands, grits and limestone coastal conglomerates.
The subsoil, more intricate and showing on the surface, from place to place on the different rounded hilltops,
is the reflection of a more ancient history of Greece with its marine sedimentary origins which were altered by fold
plates. This subsoil can comprise schist, siliceous deposits and marly limestone dating back to the Mesozoic. ●

We took up the challenge and in 2000, decided to plant the vineyard at La Tour Melas. Earth analysis revealed the Soil would be perfect for planting Merlot, and Cabernet Franc vines.

The terroir, the inclination, the fantastic climate and the proximity of the Aegean Sea, with evening breeze to cool the vines create the ideal micro-climate for our vineyard. We have embraced ecological, and biodynamic principles in our agriculture and wine-making.

In 2006 we dug in to the mountain, and constructed an ultra-modern gravity fed winery. We are constantly investing to upgrade our wine-making equipment and methods.

Lately we have ventured to highlight the Greek terroir with old indigenous Greek varieties. We have produced wine from 100 year old ungrafted, “franc de pied” Agiorgitiko (pre Philloxera) grapes from Nemea. The resulting wine has been as astonishing as the terroir it is coming from. Furthermore this summer we just launched our Rose wine called “Idylle” made entirely of Agiorgitiko grapes.

Our philosophy is that wine making has no end in quality, and we will endeavor to find all the potential of our terroir in the future.

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La Tour Melas


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