Handmade Soap Laurel & Rosemary by Vasilakis

Traditional Handmade Soap with Laurel & Rosemary

Laurel / Rejuvenates and acts against the epidermal aging process. Strengthens and grants shine to the hair. Suitable for the scalp.

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Ancient Greeks used laurel oil for thick and shiny hair.
We in our turn created a soap enriched with laurel and rosemary essential oils, a perfect choice for scalp and hair care, but also a quality skin anti-aging product.
Replace your shampoo with Vasilakis Laurel Soap and you will have the power of nature at you service.
Ideal for the treatment of dandruff, greasy hair and hair loss, it will strengthen your hair.

By this handmade soap production we remind of images and scents of the past and suggest alternative ways for the vocational rehabilitation of people..

So travel with us onto the paths of tradition and ecology, that hide within them hope for a green, sustainable, natural, human future. Travel within the secrets of traditional handmade soap, the hidden knowledge of life and nature..

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