Handmade Soap Propolis & Spearmint by Vasilakis

Traditional Handmade Soap with Propolis @ Spearmint

Propolis / Heals wounds of face and body by its antibacterial and antiseptic action. Ideal agent against acne.



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Bees produce and use propolis to fill in cracks in the beehive and to prevent its interior from being contaminated.
Aristotle used propolis as treatment for various diseases, whereas Pliny used it to treat skin inflammation.
This gift of the bees combined with organic monastery honey, melissa and spearmint essential oils makes an exceptional soap.
Ideal for acne treatment and skin healing. Select the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal Vasilakis Propolis Soap, and your skin hygiene is guaranteed.

By this handmade soap production we remind of images and scents of the past and suggest alternative ways for the vocational rehabilitation of people..

So travel with us onto the paths of tradition and ecology, that hide within them hope for a green, sustainable, natural, human future. Travel within the secrets of traditional handmade soap, the hidden knowledge of life and nature..

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