Dikristo Exclusive Angelos Slicing Chopping knife

Type & Usage

This is a Hakata knife type made from copper san mai steel jacket with carbon core. It was designed and handcrafted for slicing, dicing and chopping. It was not designed hit, cut and penetrate bones and other hard materials.

Blade length: 205 mm

Handle length: 145 mm

Total length: 360 mm
Blade height (max):
50 mm

Total weight: 217 gr without / 336gr with sheath

Hardness: 64 hrc

Knife balance: Blade


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(Ancient Greek: Ἄγγελος) or Angelia (Ἀγγελία) was a daughter of Zeus and Hera who became known as a chthonic deity. Angelos was raised by nymphs to whose care her father had entrusted her. One day she stole her mother Hera’s anointments and gave them away to Europa. To escape Hera’s wrath, she had to hide first in the house of a woman in labor, and next among people who were carrying a dead man. Hera eventually ceased from prosecuting her, and Zeus ordered the Cabeiroi to cleanse Angelos. They performed the purification rite in the waters of the Acherusia Lake in the Underworld whereshe received the world of the dead as her realm of influence, and was assigned an epithet katachthonia.


EXCLUSIVE line knives are one of a kind, super special project and custom knives. This series is dedicated for those who need something really exclusive in their collection. High end supersteels made only for industrial and the rarest handle materials combine under imaginative designs and procedures. Every knife has its own, unique, name based on Greek mythology and comes with handmade leather knife roll/ wooden box and authenticity papers!

• Supersteels. Steels with special characteristics and unreal edge durability.
• Super rare geometries. Ultra-thin knives, combined grinds and more.
• Unique geometry. Made for chopping, push/pull cut and rocking.
• Designed based on specific needs and tasks. Sashimi, chopping etc.
• Unique Handles. Made from stabilized wood, resin and more.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 cm


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