6x250gr Mellin Organic Honey Fir ( Free worldwide shipping )


High Antibacterial and antioxidant activity, superior to
manuka honey UMF 24+


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Honey is a natural treasure, known for its beneficial properties since ancient times. The ancient Greeks valued honey & its properties as a gift from the gods. It is no coincidence that honey and bees play a leading role in mythology. Hippocrates distinguished honey for its healing properties and recommended it as a medicine in various conditions.
Organic fir honey “MELLIN” is produced among the high peaks and the dense fir forests of Mt Ghiona of the Municipality of Delphi, at an altitude of 2,508 m which belongs to the European ecological network of regions Natura 2000.
It also contains many wild herbs such as mint, trifolioum, oregano etc.
The combination of fir and wild herbs that grow in high altitude, give honey an extremely layered taste with increased healthy characteristics and rare aromas.
The health characteristics of our fir honey are determined by a study of
” Antibacterial and antioxidant properties of MELLIN Honey compared to MANUKA Honey UMF 24+ ” , which was carried out by University of Thessaly(Greece), school of health science.
This is the first and only university study that has been done for branded Greek honey!!!
Multi awarded and one of the best organic honeys in the world, after winning several medals in Biolmiel , the unique quality competition for organic honeys in Italy and in the international contest Great Taste Awards in London.


Weight 3,3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 32 × 32 cm

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1 review for 6x250gr Mellin Organic Honey Fir ( Free worldwide shipping )

  1. Mariana Ojeda

    Just arrived and it’s delicious!

    • stelios ellinas

      thank you Mariana ! its delicious and above all healthy and pure !!!!!!!! enjoy !!!

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