Arcadia Botanica || Premium Organic Honey



From the meadows of Arcadia in Greece

With their abundance of health-giving herbs


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From farm to table, right from the beehive to the jar, ARCADIA BOTANICA Premium Organic Honey is a remarkable full-bodied blossom honey that comes from the botanically rich land of Arcadia in Greece. It is collected by bees that fly freely from acacia to fir trees, from heather to a wide variety of therapeutic Greek herbs. This organic Greek blossom honey is extracted using centrifugal force, with absolutely none of the heat that could destroy its health benefits. For this reason, all of this honey’s beneficial natural compounds are preserved, so they can help keep you healthy.


✓ TASTE: A full-bodied fresh floral flavor with a robust, enjoyable aftertaste

✓ AROMA: A delightfully memorable scent, with fragrant floral notes and a fresh, light aroma


✓ HARVEST AREA: Ancient Mantinea in Arcadia, Greece




As spring begins in the idyllic land of the great god Pan, with its pure natural harmony, bees fly to the blooming flowers and herbs to collect their precious nectar. Admired as one of the most pristine areas in Greece (and the world), Arcadia’s expansive meadows of native therapeutic herbs are surrounded by mountains that make this land hard to reach, thus protecting it. In ancient Greece, Arcadia was believed to be the only place in the universe that could offer humans true peace. You can taste the reason in this honey.


With a distinctive fresh floral flavor


Imagine tasting the freshness and bounty of the Arcadian natural world in a spoon of delicious, full-bodied honey with a pleasant, robust aftertaste. This is one of Apiceuticals’ clearest and lightest honeys (in both taste and color), with moderate notes of wild floral sweetness. ARCADIA BOTANICA Premium Organic Honey makes a perfect addition to your breakfast, helping you get your day off to an energetic start!


Great nutritional value: a natural energy and vitamin source


  • This Greek herbal and wildflower blossom honey features a wealth of bio-active plant compounds that offer a wealth of vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids, as well as many other micronutrients and antioxidants.
  • With the nutritional value of a superfood, this honey fills you with energy.
  • Its healthy natural compounds promote the body’s rebalancing and immune responsiveness.
  • As an easily absorbed energy source, this honey makes an ideal breakfast supplement and a wonderful aid to muscle and energy recovery before or after exercise.

Recommended uses:


  • Keep it handy on the table for the whole family, especially at breakfast
  • Drizzle it on pancakes, spread it on your toast, or pour it into cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal
  • Use it to sweeten your dressings and marinades
  • Stir it into milk, coffee, and tea




This fine honey is extracted with centrifugal force, completely avoiding the heat that could damage its beneficial nutrients and its matchless flavor.


The team at Apiceuticals prepares all their products by hand in small batches. They work carefully in Arcadia, Greece, to provide the highest quality and the best health benefits. They also take good care of their bees, removing no more than 60% of the honey in their hives, so the bees have at least 40% of the honey for themselves. Dedicated to organic production, the Apiceuticals team strives to support sustainability for our planet, our pollinators, ourselves, and the generations that will follow us.

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