Sparta Limited Red Label Organic Wild Evoo ( PRE ORDERS 2024-5 ) 250ml

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  • Peak Phenol Potency: Boasting  2676 mg/kg of total phenols. And 1862 MG/KG Oleocanthal
  • Exclusive Production: Limited availability with only 500 bottles crafted.
  • Unparalleled Oleocanthal Levels: World record achievement for the highest Oleocanthal content.
  • Nutrient-Rich Composition: Abundant in Antioxidants, Omega-9, Omega-6, and Omega-3 fatty acids, along with Vitamins E and K.
  • EU Health Standard Excellence: Surpasses the EU’s health claim criteria for olive oils.
  • Top Organic Certification: Awarded the highest organic accolade in the EU for being ‘Naturally Organic’.
  • Spartan Legacy: Crafted in the historic lands of Ancient Sparta.
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Sparta Limited Edition Red Label: Tradition Meets Health

Exceptional EVOO Quality The Red Label Medicinal Organic Olive Oil from Sparta Limited Edition blends ancient wisdom with modern health. This EVOO, with notable polyphenol content, showcases wellness and tradition. Validated through the NMR method, it’s a symbol of quality.

Nature’s Rich Harvest We source our oil from specially selected olive groves. It contains 2500 mg/kg of polyphenols and 1500 mg/kg of oleocanthal. Its flavor and aroma pay homage to Sparta’s wild beauty. This product bridges the White Label’s high levels and the Gold Label’s moderate levels.

Pure Production Process We cultivate our olives without fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides. They thrive on natural rainwater alone. This method ensures the oil’s purity and reflects Sparta’s pristine environment.

Health and Wellness Benefits Each serving is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. These contribute to cardiovascular health and aid in disease prevention.

Informative and Sustainable Packaging Our packaging complies with EU Health Regulation 432/2012. It’s eco-friendly and provides valuable nutritional information. This enhances the consumer experience by emphasizing health benefits.

Certified Quality and Recognition The Red Label has earned accolades for its commitment to organic farming. It stands out due to its exceptional quality and sustainable practices. These certifications are a testament to our dedication.

In summary, the Red Label Medicinal Organic Olive Oil is a testament to Spartan excellence. It reflects a balance of heritage, nature’s healing power, and health consciousness. Each bottle offers balanced health benefits, honoring Spartan legacy and modern wellness needs.


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