Sparta Medicinal Gold Label (incl. shipping ) 4x250ml

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  • 2023 New Harvest: Enjoy the latest harvest’s freshness and potency.
  • Medicinal Wild Olive Oil: High in polyphenols for significant health benefits.
  • Unique Wild Spartan Source: Sourced from ancient Spartan forests.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Offers antioxidant, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective qualities.
  • Organic and Natural Production: Grown without fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides.
  • Cold Pressed for Purity: Ensures the preservation of healthful properties.
  • Therapeutic and Flavorful: A pungent, herby taste with a healthy bitter aftertaste.

Sparta Medicinal Gold Label :  A Culinary Treasure

Experience Spartan Gold Immerse yourself in Greece’s rich flavors with Spartan Gold Olive Oil, your gateway to a vibrant health legacy. Handpicked with precision, these olives deliver Sparta’s wellness traditions straight to your table.

A Healthful Elixir Indeed, Spartan Gold isn’t merely a kitchen ingredient; it’s a cornerstone of vitality. With every use, this Gold Label oil infuses dishes with unmatched, unfiltered zest while boosting your well-being.

Harmony with Nature Moreover, our dedication to sustainable farming ensures the earth’s nourishment and the integrity of our olive oil. The robust flavor of Spartan Gold is our tribute to Sparta’s enduring strength.

Daily Splendor Furthermore, let Spartan Gold Olive Oil be your daily ritual, enhancing your meals with Mediterranean vibrancy and health. A simple drizzle can revolutionize your diet, bringing Sparta’s essence to your table.

Sealed Freshness Additionally, we guarantee the freshness of our olive oil through conscientious packaging. This approach preserves Spartan Gold’s wholesome attributes, reflecting Sparta’s unblemished legacy.

Your Daily Companion To sum up, integrating Spartan Gold Olive Oil into your meals elevates both flavor and health. More than a simple addition, it’s a step towards a life filled with vitality. Let the power of Sparta enrich your culinary experience with each golden drop.

By adopting Sparta Medicinal Gold Label in your daily routine, you embrace a tradition of excellence and health. Let the spirit of Sparta infuse your kitchen with the taste of history and the promise of a healthier tomorrow.

1 review for Sparta Medicinal Gold Label (incl. shipping ) 4x250ml

  1. David56601 (verified owner)

    Pretty high level of oleocanthal, so there is the expected throat hit, and the flavor has a nice smokiness. I drink straight, but this would certainly add a nice flavor to a salad. The history of how the farm came to be in neat, and the owner sounds very committed to creating a quality healthy olive oil.

    • stelios ellinas

      sparta gold is the “younger ” brother of sparta red and sparta white high phenolic evoos. sparta white holds for this year the world record for the highest oleaocanthal and total polyphenol content , and all 3 are made by wild olives ! its an amazing oil in very limited numbers !

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