Mani Blauel Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece 3 Litre

2022 Harvest

3-liter bag in box


Multi-awarded cold extracted organic olive oil in a bag in box package.


Treat yourself to a taste of the Mediterranean!


An olive oil with exquisite taste, produced from precious Koroneiki olives.


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MANI Organic Selection Greek extra virgin olive oil is a mild, fruity olive oil that is ideal for both cooking and finishing dishes. It is cold extracted with care from Koroneiki olives that are organically grown and harvested using traditional sustainable methods. These olives are cultivated on more than 300 small family farms in Mani, a historic area of wild beauty in the Peloponnesian peninsula in Greece.

Although organic cultivation requires more labor, money, and risk (from the weather and pests), the team at Mani Bläuel believes it is worthwhile for the sake of our health and the environment.

The company’s story began in the 1970s, when Austrian Fritz Bläuel fell in love with Greece, Greeks, and Greek products in Mani. He and his wife Burgi decided to move there. After harvesting Greek olives and learning all about olive oil production, Fritz managed to convince some of the farmers to turn to organic cultivation. That was the beginning of a collaboration with small-time olive farmers, and the beginning of organic olive oil production in Greece

At Bläuel Greek Organic Products, a family business since 1979, the next generation of Bläuels has embraced their parents’ dedication to sustainable cultivation, production, and development, as well as biodiversity, fairness, local communities, and social welfare. With respect for the people, landscape, culture, and history of Mani, the team strives to preserve and promote the agricultural heritage of the area by supporting local olive farmers. 

Almost energy-neutral for a decade, Mani Bläuel uses recyclable packaging materials and encourages re-use of their containers with removable labels. Since 2014, the company’s olive cultivation and oil production processes have been accredited with Naturland Organic & Fair certification, which requires adherence to even stricter standards than EU organic regulations. 

Naturland Organic & Fair certification indicates adherence to principles of 

  • fair trade
  • conservation 
  • quality assurance
  • social responsibility
  • consumer protection
  • corporate transparency
  • community involvement 
  • use of regional raw materials

The Mani Bläuel team strives for the best possible quality in terms of both flavor and health benefits. MANI organic extra virgin olive oil contains plenty of healthy

  • vitamin E
  • monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids 
  • polyphenols (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds)

MANI olive oils are noteworthy for lower (meaning better) acidity and peroxide values than the European Union requires for extra virgin olive oil. They also undergo other quality control checks on their flavor as well as their natural chemical composition.

A long list of awards from international competitions recognizes Mani Bläuel extra virgin olive oil’s consistent excellence over the years.

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