Pamako Monovarietal Olive Oil (Includ. Shipping ) 12 x 500ml

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2023 Harvest


.     12x500ml bundle

  • Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols
  • Epitome of Mediterranean quality and tradition
  • Ideal for families and culinary enthusiasts

Pamako Monovarietal Olive Oil 12-Pack Bundle: A Taste of the Mediterranean

2023 Harvest: A New Chapter in Quality Experience the freshest flavors with our 2023 Pamako Monovarietal Olive Oil. This exclusive 12 x 250ml bundle showcases the best of single-variety olives. These olives are harvested from our sustainable groves. Explore our harvesting techniques on our sustainability page.

Sustainability Meets Excellence We pride ourselves on sustainable practices. Every olive is nurtured and harvested at the perfect moment. This process ensures a flavorful oil, rich in antioxidants. Discover the unique aspects of monovarietal oil on our product page.

Health and Flavor in Harmony Our Monovarietal Olive Oil, from the 2023 harvest, blends health with taste. It’s perfect for boosting heart health and reducing inflammation. The robust flavor is ideal for culinary creations. Find inspiring recipes on our recipe page.

Perfect for Every Home This pack suits families, chefs, and health-conscious foodies. It’s also an excellent gift choice. Check out our gift options in our gift section.

Our 2023 Harvest Commitment The 2023 Pamako Monovarietal Olive Oil is a testament to our commitment to quality. Our organic farming approach ensures purity and authenticity. Learn more about our standards on our quality assurance page.

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