2 x 4.7kg Mani Blauel Organic Olives in Oil (including worldwide shipping)

2 x 4.7 kg including Dhl Express Wolrdwide Shipping 

3kg net olives / tin _in extra virgin ollve oil 

choose between any of the 2 available olives , Green or Kalamata 

Organic Certified  2022 harvest



Discover the Authentic Taste of Greek Tradition with Mani Blauel Organic Olives in Olive Oil

Indulge in the essence of authentic Greek cuisine with our Mani Blauel Organic Olives in Olive Oil pack. As pioneers of organic traditional Greek farming, Mani Blauel knows that the key to producing exquisite olives lies in the environment, olive tree variety, and centuries-old olive-growing techniques of the Mani region in Greece.


  • Amfissa (Conservoliá) and Kalamata Olive Variety: In this special pack, you have the opportunity to choose between the distinct flavors of two Greek olive varieties – Green Olives (Amfissa) or Black Olives (Kalamata). The mix of juicy and mild Kalamata olives and the flavorful Amfissa olives create a delightful harmony of tastes, providing an olive for every occasion.
  • Organic: Produced through certified organic farming, our olives are free from harmful chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, embodying the purest and most authentic flavors of Greece’s cultural heritage.
  • Vegan: Our commitment to ethical business practices extends to catering to vegan preferences, ensuring everyone can savor the delightful taste of these olives.


The olives are marinated in extra virgin olive oil, aromatic oregano, and seasoned with sea salt to perfection. Vacuum-packed to preserve their natural goodness, these olives are a true specialty of Greece.

Taste and Aroma:

Enjoy the fresh and mildly fruity flavors with a delightful hint of spice, accompanied by the aromas of almond, artichoke, and oregano. Each bite will transport you to the idyllic olive groves of the Mani region.


Mani Blauel table olives are meticulously harvested and naturally cured for six months, following the traditional method of sea salt brine. The careful preservation and processing without additives make these olives suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and the olives in olive oil and al naturale versions meet the criteria for a raw diet.

Perfect For:

  • An entrée or as a snack, perfect for picnics and gatherings.
  • Incorporating into culinary creations, such as rice or pasta dishes or making sauces.
  • Enhancing your dining experience with a glass of wine.

More to the Gourmet Story:

For over 30 years, the Bläuel family has nurtured a deep appreciation for man and nature, the foundation of their family business. Their organic agriculture project in the Mani region, in collaboration with local olive farmers and oil-millers, has resulted in Greece’s first Organic certified olive oil, now renowned worldwide. Felix, the son of Fritz and Burgi, joined the management in 2009, continuing their commitment to ethical business practices and obtaining Naturland Fair certification for transparency and social responsibility.

The fruits of their labor extend beyond award-winning olive oils and olives to the preservation of the Mani region’s cultural landscape, at the heart of traditional, organic olive cultivation in Greece. The Bläuel family’s passion for the ancient cultural heritage of Greek Mani inspires their dedication and love for their craft.

Awards and Certifications:

Mani Blauel’s commitment to quality and sustainability is exemplified by various certifications, including EU organic farming standards, Naturland organic and fair standards, Soil Association Organic Certificate, ISO 22000 (HACCP), ISO 9001, IFS (International Food Standard), and FDA registration for our online shop

Experience the authentic flavors of Greece with Mani Blauel Organic Olives in Olive Oil – a timeless taste of Greek tradition delivered worldwide for you to savor and share with your loved ones. Choose your favorite olive variety or mix and match for a delightful olive experience like no other.

Weight 6,5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 28 cm

6 kg Net Olives + extra Virgin Olive Oil





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