Mani Blauel Organic High Polyphenol Organic Evoo 375ml

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2023 Harvest

  • Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic EVOO in a 1x375ml bottle.
  • 2023 Harvest featuring antioxidant-rich Koroneiki olives.
  • Cold-pressed to preserve flavors and nutrients.
  • Tasting notes: mildly fruity with almond and herb accents.
  • Produced using sustainable, organic farming methods.
  • Adheres to strict quality standards with less than 0.4% acidity.
  • Surpasses ‘extra virgin’ purity and taste criteria.
  • Available with flat worldwide shipping for 12 euros.
  • Supports heart health with beneficial monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
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Mani Blauel Organic High Polyphenol EVOO: 2023 Harvest in a 1x375ml Bottle

Premium Quality in Every Drop Discover the exceptional 2023 harvest of Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This premium offering, available in a 1x375ml bottle, represents the pinnacle of organic olive oil production. Sourced from Greece’s renowned Mani region, it embodies the perfect blend of natural bounty and traditional expertise.

Koroneiki Olives: A Source of Antioxidants The cornerstone of Mani Blauel High Polyphenol EVOO is the Koroneiki olive. Esteemed for its high antioxidant content, these olives not only define the oil’s distinctive taste but also bring health benefits, particularly in heart health and cholesterol management.

Renewed Focus on Ecological Farming Mani Blauel’s 2023 harvest reaffirms their dedication to sustainable agriculture. Each olive is handpicked at the ideal stage of ripeness, achieving an optimal mix of color, aroma, and polyphenols. The cold extraction method, performed below 27°C, ensures the preservation of these vital attributes.

Excelling Beyond ‘Extra Virgin’ Mani Blauel’s commitment to quality shines through in their olive oil. They only bottle oils with less than 0.4% acidity, guaranteeing unparalleled purity and taste. This meticulous approach allows their EVOO to far exceed the ‘extra virgin’ standard.

A Symphony of Flavors Mani Blauel High Polyphenol EVOO delights the senses with its fresh, mildly fruity taste, complemented by subtle notes of almond, artichoke, and wild herbs. This flavor profile celebrates the Mani region’s fertile soils and favorable climate, reflecting the Bläuel family’s commitment to ethical farming.

Ease of Access and Worldwide Reach With its practical 1x375ml bottle size and a flat worldwide shipping rate of just 12 euros, Mani Blauel High Polyphenol EVOO is effortlessly accessible. Ideal for personal use or as a unique gift, it represents a fusion of wellness and exceptional quality.


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