Giusti 100 Limited Edition (100 years old) 1x100ml


1x100ml PDO MODENA

Aged at least 100 years, according to the traditional system of “decanter and refill” through a series of wooden casks.


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Giusti 100 Limited Edition : A Century-Old Balsamic Elixir

Immerse yourself in the world of premium balsamic vinegar with Giusti 100, presented by Giuseppe Giusti – a household name in Modena, Italy since 1605. A product of passion, patience, and tradition, this balsamic vinegar boasts a 100-year maturation, setting it apart in the realms of gourmet excellence.

Contained in an elegant 100ml bottle, every drop mirrors the craft of generations and the rarity of the offering. The limited quantity underlines its exclusivity, reminiscent of age-old luxury.

The secret to Giusti 100’s unparalleled depth? A meticulous selection of grape varieties and an intricate aging process. Resting in a succession of wooden barrels, each with its own character, the vinegar adopts distinct tones and flavors. The outcome: an intensely rich, multifaceted symphony for your palate.

Its place among the world’s priciest balsamic vinegars isn’t just a reflection of its age but also its artisanal pedigree and the reverence it garners among connoisseurs.

Perfect Pairings for Giusti 100 Limited Edition :

  • Subtle Indulgence: A drizzle on ripe strawberries, fresh mozzarella, or Parmigiano Reggiano unveils layers of taste.
  • Grilled Enhancer: Accentuate grilled meats or veggies, letting the vinegar’s complexity shine.
  • Cheese Complement: Match its richness with aged cheeses like Gorgonzola or Roquefort.
  • Salad Sophistication: Blend with olive oil for an aromatic dressing, but remember — moderation is key, given its potent allure.

Experience the legacy, the craftsmanship, and the flavor of Giuseppe Giusti’s “Giusti 100.” It’s not just balsamic vinegar; it’s a testament to Italy’s culinary heritage.

“Be aware that the Giusti 100 Limited Edition is an exceptionally rare reserve product, with only a limited number released globally. It’s a true collector’s item for connoisseurs.”

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