Giusti Traditional Balsamic Vinegar “extravecchio” 1x100ml


1x100ml PDO MODENA

Aged at least 25 years, according to the traditional system of “decanter and refill” through a series of wooden casks.


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Giusti Traditional Balsamic Vinegar: A Timeless Italian Elixir

Introduction Originating from Modena, Italy, Giusti has become synonymous with authentic balsamic vinegar. Since 1605, the Giusti Traditional Balsamic Vinegar stands as a paragon in the culinary world, encapsulating the rich legacy of Italian gastronomy.

Centuries of Expertise in Every Drop The Giusti family’s legacy isn’t merely about longevity. It’s a chronicle of consistent craftsmanship, where age-old recipes are interwoven with modern innovations. As pioneers of balsamic production, they’ve set benchmarks for others to emulate.

Garnering Global Acclaim It’s not just about producing vinegar; it’s about creating masterpieces. Their globally recognized “three leaves” award from the Italian Association of Balsamic Vinegar Producers is testament to this dedication. Moreover, the carefully selected grape blend ensures a distinctive flavor profile.

The Art of Aging The depth in Giusti Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is a result of its meticulous aging process. Stored in barrels made from various woods, each imparts a unique flavor. Some variants age beyond the standard 12 years, adding layers of complexity.

A Culinary Marvel in Today’s World With the world becoming a global village, Giusti has found its way into kitchens worldwide. From professional chefs to home cooks, its rich heritage and unmatched quality are universally celebrated.

Not Just Vinegar, but Extravecchio Dive deeper into the taste spectrum with the 25-year-aged Extravecchio. Presented in a 1x100ml bottle, it’s more than just a condiment—it’s a conversation starter.

Pairings and Recommendations Be it salads, fruits, or grilled dishes, Giusti adds magic. Combining it with olive oil? You have a dressing that’s both rich and flavorful.

Certification by PDO Modena Every drop of Giusti Traditional Balsamic Vinegar bears PDO Modena’s seal, reflecting its authentic production process and unmatched quality.

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