12 x 375ml Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic Evoo (free worldwide shipping)

2022 Harvest

Organic High Polyphenol Evoo 12 x 375ml Bulk Pack

1306mg/kg total polyphenols


This item will be released February 18, 2023.


What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols are aromatic compounds that contain two or more hydroxy groups directly attached to an aromatic ring and are classified as secondary plant compounds. Natural polyphenols are found in plants as bioactive substances such as hydroxytyrosol, oleocanthal, oleuropein, oleacein. Due to this special chemical structure they have an anti-inflammatory effect, are effective as antioxidants, intercept free radicals and protect blood lipids from oxidative stress. The content of phenolic compounds in olive oil depends on the cultivation and ripeness of the olives at harvest. There are also variety-specific differences. The careful harvest and conscientious processing of the young olives ensure the high polyphenol content of MANI extra virgin olive oil polyphenol.

The quality of MANI olive oil has been acknowledged repeatedly at Great Taste Awards and several other international contests. MANI Polyphenol Olive Oil has just received two Awards.

eve Leserliebling 2020: Thousands of Readers have chosen our MANI Polyphenol Olive Oil as “eve Leserliebling 2020”.

Bestes Bio 2020: At the Award ceremony in November 2019, our MANI Polyphenol olive oil received the “Bestes Bio 2020” Award.


The secret of our quality we owe to the world-wide unique combination of local factors, the high intensity and duration of sunshine with a few hours of rain and the rocky mineral-rich mountain soil in close proximity to the sea. These factors produce the Koroneiki variety, autochtonous of the Mani, which yields what is recognizably one of the best oils in the world, fresh, mildly fruity and characterized by a pleasant aroma of herbs and wild flowers, and a slightly spicy flavour.

The special ingredient in MANI olive oil

Each bottle of MANI olive oil also contains unique intangible ingredients: mindfulness in dealing with people and nature, love for our work and a pinch of Greek sensuality.

*Certified Product of Organic Farming*

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 42 × 36 × 36 cm

Mani Blauel


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