Prevezana Organic High Phenolic Monovarietal Evoo 4x500ml

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2023 harvest   

  • 100% lianolia (prevezana) organic olives, high in polyphenols
  • Cold-pressed, unfiltered, and organic
  • Bright green color, piquant flavor, and fruity aromas
  • Handpicked and processed on the same day for quality
  • Certified by BIO HELLAS, free from chemicals
  • Health benefits: rich in antioxidants, heart-healthy fats

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Prevezana Organic High Phenolic Monovarietal EVOO 4x500ml: A Quartet of Quality

2023 Harvest: Excellence in Every Bottle Discover the extraordinary 2023 harvest of Prevezana Organic High Phenolic Monovarietal EVOO. Now in a 4x500ml bundle, Bio Green Olive Oil offers an organic masterpiece.

Bio Green’s Organic Passion Bio Green Olive Oil, creators of the renowned Prevezana label, began with a deep love for organic farming. Their journey led to producing top-tier organic EVOO.

Preveza: A Unique Terroir The 100% lianolia (prevezana) olives flourish in Preveza’s historic groves. This unique environment ensures an unmatched flavor and high nutritional value.

Flavor Profile: Rich and Robust With its bright green color, this EVOO offers a peppery taste and fruity undertones. Moreover, it differs significantly from standard EVOOs, providing a unique culinary experience.

Sustainability: A Core Value The Bio Green family is committed to sustainable practices. They handpick olives and use eco-friendly methods for transport. Additionally, their cold extraction process maintains the oil’s pure qualities.

Health Benefits: Packed in Every Drop This EVOO bundle is rich in health-promoting compounds. It supports heart health and reduces inflammation. Also, the oil’s healthy fats contribute to a balanced cholesterol level.

Enjoy Organic Excellence The Prevezana 4x500ml bundle is your chance to savor organic Greek olive oil. With Free Worldwide Shipping, this bundle is ideal for lovers of healthful, gourmet tastes.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 28 cm

Net Weight

2 kg


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