4x500ml L’Affiorante Marfuga – 100% Moraiolo


    • First press of the season from 100% Moraiolo olives.
    • Limited production of 8,000 bottles for the New Harvest 2023.
    • Fresh, grassy aroma with notes of artichoke and almond.
    • Perfect for enhancing vegetables, meats, fish, and fresh cheese.
    • Award-winning, embodying Marfuga’s legacy of quality and innovation.

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4X500ML L’Affiorante Marfuga – 100% Moraiolo New Harvest 2023

A Prelude to Perfection

L’Affiorante Marfuga, the very first press of the season, captures the essence of Umbria’s olive oil tradition in every drop. Crafted from 100% Moraiolo olives, this extra virgin olive oil is a celebration of Marfuga’s commitment to excellence. Harvested by hand from our verdant groves in the serene landscapes of Campello sul Clitunno and Trevi, this oil is a rare find, limited to 8,000 bottles annually.

A Sensory Journey

L’Affiorante is not just an olive oil; it’s an experience. Extracted from olives harvested before full ripeness, it offers a fragrant, fruity bouquet that is both raw and intensely flavorful. The unmistakable notes of grassy olives, artichokes, and unripened almonds blend with a bold bitterness and a peppery finish, creating a complex flavor profile revered by the most discerning palates.

Culinary Versatility

This oil is a culinary treasure, best enjoyed raw to savor its full spectrum of flavors. It transforms potatoes, lentils, chickpeas, and vegetable soups into dishes of unparalleled depth. Its vibrant character enhances red meats, fish, and fresh cheese, making L’Affiorante a staple for any gourmet kitchen.

Accolades of Excellence

Marfuga’s L’Affiorante has been recognized by the world’s most prestigious awards, underscoring our dedication to producing the finest olive oils. Among its accolades are the “ASSAM” Excellence Certificate, the “JOOP” BEST CLASS Award, and the “LODO” Guide’s Lodevole denomination, marking it as an exceptional product of the MARFUGA® mill.

Legacy and Innovation

At Marfuga, we are guardians of a rich heritage, blending traditional methods with cutting-edge technology to produce olive oils of extraordinary quality. L’Affiorante embodies this philosophy, showcasing the unique Moraiolo varietal’s potent flavors and Marfuga’s unwavering pursuit of perfection.

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