Apiceuticals Propowax Antioxidant Body Lotion 300ml


  • Packed with patented PROPOWAX™ honeycomb
  • Offers antioxidant and antipollution protection
  • Contains over 90% natural & organic ingredients
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
  • Luxurious “Woods of Arcadia” fragrance

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Apiceuticals Antioxidant Body Lotion: Introduction

Category: Best Sellers, Body & Bath, PROPOWAX™ SERIES
Size: 10.1 fl. oz. / 300 ml
Attributes: 100% Clean, Sustainable, Cruelty-free Beauty

Nourishing and Protecting Your Skin

Dive into a luxurious skincare experience with Apiceuticals Antioxidant Body Lotion. This unique lotion, enriched with the patented PROPOWAX™ honeycomb, delivers unparalleled antioxidant and antipollution benefits. It’s more than a moisturizer; it’s a skin revitalizer.

Apiceuticals Antioxidant Body Lotion : Why It’s Special

  • Potent Antioxidants: Clinically proven high antioxidant activity through PROPOWAX™ Technology.
  • Barrier Against Pollutants: Forms a shield against environmental stressors.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits: Slows down skin aging, keeping your skin vibrant and healthy.
  • Restorative Properties: Strengthens skin’s protective barrier and enhances its ability to retain moisture and nutrients.
  • Hydration Lock: Prevents water loss, leaving skin soft and smooth with a fresh, non-greasy texture.

Purity and Safety of Apiceuticals Antioxidant Body Lotion

Formulated with over 90% natural and organic ingredients, free from SLES/SLS, parabens, silicones, and sodium chloride. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, ensuring no irritation.

How to Use

Apply a coin-sized amount on your hands, warm it by rubbing palms together, and gently massage into your body. For best results, use after showering with Apiceuticals Antioxidant Shower Gel, especially when skin is damp.

Key Ingredients

  • Patented PROPOWAX™ Living Honeycomb: Releases antioxidants directly into the skin.
  • Organic Honey: Moisturizes deeply for hydrated, healthy skin.
  • Organic Bee Propolis: Soothes and regenerates skin.
  • Virgin Maracuja Oil: Provides essential fatty acids and vitamins for a nourished glow.
  • Almond Oil: Nurtures skin, preventing stretch marks.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: Intensely moisturizes and rejuvenates skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Stimulates collagen production, restoring skin elasticity.

Scent Experience

The “Woods of Arcadia” scent is a blend of vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood, blackberry, citrus, and pink pepper, leaving your skin with a refreshing and lasting fragrance.

FAQs of Apiceuticals Propowax Antioxidant Body Lotion

Free of Harmful Chemicals?
Absolutely. Apiceuticals Propowax Antioxidant Body Lotion follows Apiceuticals’ Clean Beauty standards.

Real Honeycomb in the Lotion?
Yes, our patented “living honeycomb” (PROPOWAX™) infuses antioxidants into the lotion.

Suitable for All Skin Types?
Indeed, it’s perfect for all skin types, balancing skin conditions without disrupting the skin’s microbiome.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm

Net Weight

300 ml



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