Drop Of Life Healthy Olive Oil 250ml [organic] 1811mg/kg phenols 2019 harvest

Healthy Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
Protects LDL-Cholesterol from Oxidative Stress

A well balanced early harvest olive oil, with grassy aromas, medium fruit intensity and bitter, spicy lingering taste. Daily consumption of two tablespoons (20g) required for the benefits of Health Claim to take effect.

250ml glass bottle with built-in pourer.


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The Greek Olive Estate proudly brings together an age-old fruit with modern experience and technology to present Drop of Life, a Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a naturally evolved olive variety Naturally High in Polyphenols and with low acidity.

The consumption of olive oil polyphenols contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress” – EU Health Claim

Polyphenols are nature’s antioxidant and help protect blood lipids (fat) from being oxidised. This is also the basis of the EU Approved Health Claim for Olive Oil Polyphenols. Oxidative stress is linked to a number of conditions such as High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Alzheimers’ Disease, Cancer and more.

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