Apiceuticals VANILLA FIR – PDO || Premium Organic Honey

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The Rarest Greek Honey


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Unique Caramel Flavour


The ONLY Greek Honey with Protected Designation of Origin (POD)


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As a masterpiece of organic bee craftsmanship, Apiceautical’s Vanilla Fir Premium Organic Honey is respectfully known as, “The Mona Lisa of honeys”. This honeydew honey is extremely rare, difficult to be harvested and can only be collected during the first two weeks of June every year.


Unusually thick in texture, Apiceautical’s Vanilla Fir Premium Organic Honey has a distinctive light creamy colour with pearly reflections that ripple through it like golden rainbows, inspiring the name “vanilla”. The honey does not actually contain any vanilla.


Sustainably and cold extracted using centrifugal force means that this honey retains all the nutritional benefits of a superfood.


The Apiceuticals team prepare each bee product by hand to ensure the highest standard. Working with small batches on their farm in Arcadia, Greece, they process what the bees generate, making jars of honey full of health benefits for body, mind and skin. To protect their bees, harvesting is limited to no more than 60% of what the beehives contain, leaving at least 40% of the honey on the honeycombs. Organic production methods are utilised to support the sustainability of the Earth, the bees, the people of the planet and all future generations.


TASTE: Soft, smooth, deep, rich vanilla and caramel flavours, stimulating the tongue with a satisfyingly sweet buttery taste and leaving a lingering warm, woody aftertaste. Mildly sweet thanks to its low glycaemic index (GI).


AROMA: Slight hints of the forest and notes of caramel.

COLOUR: Light – a shade between pearl and vanilla.


COLLECTION TIME: A specific few days of the first week of June.

HARVEST LOCATION: Mount Mainalon in Arcadia, Greece. Altitude: >1500m.


Health Benefits:

  • Easy on the stomach thanks to its rich, yet gentle nutrients and texture.
  • Potent for restoring the body’s immune responses and adaptability due to its unusually high level of precious minerals and metals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and magnesium) compared to other types of honey.
  • Antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic action throughout the body especially, in the respiratory system and helps to combat bad breath.
  • Ideal as part of a balanced low-calorie diet because of its lower sugar content than other kinds of honey.
  • May be recommended for diabetics in small doses
  • Useful for weight loss since it speeds up metabolism and satisfies cravings for sweetness without excessive sugar or any fat content.
  • Boosts serotonin levels thus, promoting a happy state of being.

Perfect for:

✓ Athletes.

✓ Those who wish to lower their calorie intake, including diabetics in small doses.

✓ People with mild sweet preferences or those with a sweet tooth who need to lower their sugar intake.

✓ People with stomach ulcers or other gastrointestinal stressors.


More to the Gourmet Story…


Apiceautical’s Vanilla Fir Premium Organic Honey is harvested in organic apiaries from the black Fir trees of Mount Mainalon in Arcadia.  Mount Mainalon is the tallest mountain in the Mainalon highlands of the Peloponnese peninsula in Arcadia, Greece. In ancient times, the mountain was dedicated to the great God, Pan, the lord of fertility and the wilderness. Today, Natura 2000 identifies Mount Mainalon as the site of Greek Fir trees greatest abundance in the Peloponnese peninsula. The mountain is home to forests full of the Abies cephalonica species of Greek Fir, native to the area. This evergreen grows up to 25 or 35 meters tall, thriving at altitudes of 900–1,800 meters. Here, Apiceutical’s bees produce their precious honey from the Fir blossom.


Apiceuticals are devoted to sustainability and are proud to be the first company in Greece, in 1981, to introduce organic and sustainable beekeeping.















Does this honey crystallize?

It naturally has minimum-to-zero crystallization but crystallization may still occur as a natural occurrence of pure, raw, unfiltered honey. This does not affect its quality and nutritional value.


How to decrystallize:

Simply dip the (closed) jar in a container filled with warm water (not boiling) and leave for several minutes until the honey softens and returns back to a liquid state.


The best temperature for this honey:

Although honey can be exposed to higher temperatures for brief periods, the optimal temperature to keep honey and preserve its aroma, flavour and colour is at room temperature – ideally at ~15°C (~60°F).


Adding hot beverages without losing the benefits:

Make your hot beverage first and add the honey once it has cooled down, when it’s warm but not boiling. Stirring with a spoon will help the honey to dissolve and the heat will not “kill” its beneficial enzymes and vitamins.


How to get the best out of Vanilla Fir honey:

Honey is a living product and highly nutritious. Honey is best eaten raw, and never heated above 35-40°C (95-104°F). Higher temperatures will kill the beneficial enzymes and antioxidants that make honey so astonishingly powerful and healing.

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  1. Linda (verified owner)

    If your looking for an exotic taste for honey try this one !! It’s pretty amazing !! The honey vanilla taste combination will take you away !!
    We love all what we are ordering from gourmet grocery so far and certainly will not stop trying anything new they will get … so happy to deal with the nicest Stelios Ellinas

    • stelios ellinas

      that honey is truly one of the best add ons we had for 2021 ! the color texture and taste are out of the ordinary !!! we are so happy that you are also satisfied with our new products and service Laroussi ! its always a pleasure dealing with you !

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