THETA Foods Honey with Mastic of Chios

Luxurius Honey with Mastic of Chios

Experience the worldwide unique taste of the most exquisite quality Chios Mastic infused in a unique, pure honey.


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Type:  100% Pure, Premium Wildflowers and Pine Honey infused with the toppest quality of rare Chios Mastic
Use on/with:   Use it raw or as topping on ice cream and Greek yogurt. One spoon of this honey will bring out all  the aromas when used as a natural sweetener in tea.
Benefits:  Chios Mastic is well known for its amazing health benefits: Mastic gum is touted as a natural remedy for a wide range of conditions, such as: acid reflux, gastritis, fungal infections, heartburn, high cholesterol, indigestion, inflammatory bowel disease, respiratory problems, and ulcers. In addition, an aromatic oil found in mastic gum is thought to help fight bad breath.

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