THETA Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Organic]

Time to discover the finest and indeed the most well-protected Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world by THETA. 

Theta Foods is based on the Lesvos island in Greece. Gourmet Groceries is an exclusive worldwide distributor of Theta products.


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Type:  Rare, 100% Pure, Superior Low Acidity High Phenol Koroneiki Variety Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Use on/with:   Use it raw or as topping on salads or your grilled fish.
Benefits of High Phenolic Olive Oil:  High Phenol Olive Oils are well known for its amazing health benefits. Some key ones can be found reading here.
Benefits of the Violet-Glass container:  Offers a unique possibility to maintain the value of the products at the same high level over a long time period. Read about our container on our manufacturer page.

Color:  Emerald Green color
Taste:  Rich texture and unique peppery taste.
Production:  Lab Tested.  Unfiltered and Cold pressed.
Packaging:  Bottled in a violett-glass manufactured container. Packaged and sealed by hand, with no machine involved in the production process.The product is supplied in 500ml net weight content.

Olive oil, the “Golden Liquid” as Homer called it, has been part of Greek history since antiquity. It was regarded a basic and irreplaceable nutritional component of Greeks, helping to protect health and aiding a person’s longevity.

THETA Silver is a low acidity high phenol EVOO known for its rich flavor and potency in polyphenols. The levels of the 2017 harvest have shown 1153mg/l, one of the highest noted, since it is in some cases up to eight times more potent than the average Extra Virgin Olive Oils seen in stores worldwide. THETA Organic EVOO comes from the harvest of Koroneiki olives grown on the island of Crete in Greece.

While our high phenol EVOO itself can be extremely beneficial to our health, we researched and found out that storing in a simple clear glass bottle where seen by light, or in a dark bottle where the olive oil is not ‘touched’ by the beneficial light rays, soon it damaged both taste and benefits. Our final decision was to protect the most, and therefore we housed the precious olive oil in a violett-glass container bottle to offer the optimum protection.

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