Agroktima Philippos Early Harvest Evoo 500ml (free worldwide shipping) 2021 harvest

Moderately High Phenolic Organic EVOO  (  534mg/kg)

Product of Cyprus

500 ml from the 2021 harvest with a certified health claim

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A respectively new farm in Cyprus operating on the  Solea region on the Troodos mountains , harvesting a local variety of olives , by hand .

a careful selection of the olives takes place at harvesting in order not to damage the olives and they are protected all the way till extraction to ensure the best quality early harvest Philippos Evoo in terms of flavour and phenolic content !

Agroktima Philipoos Earlhy Harvest Evoo harvesting takes place between september-october and this gives it its earthy grassy note with a peppery kick due to the phenolic content .

we believe that its the perfect evoo for both culinary and medicinal use as it has moderately high phenols and its the gate to moving on to  higher phenolic evoos step by step !


Weight 1,400 kg
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 26 cm


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