Commandaria Wine P.D.O Cyprus (Sweet Wine)

Ageing Potential 10 + years

Production: 2000 bottles

Known as the oldest named wine in the world still in production

Aged minimum 4 years in oak barrels



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Technical Sheets – Commandaria

Commandaria (also called Commanderia and CoumadarkaGreekκουμανδαρίακουμανταρία and Cypriot Greek κουμανταρκά[1]) is an amber-coloured sweet dessert wine made in the Commandaria region of Cyprus on the foothills of the Troödos mountains. Commandaria is made from sun-dried grapes of the varieties Xynisteri and Mavro. While often a fortified wine, through its production method it often reaches high alcohol levels, around 15%, already before fortification. It represents an ancient wine style documented in Cyprus back to 800 BC and has the distinction of being the world’s oldest named wine still in production, with the name Commandaria dating back to the crusades in the 12th century.

Map of SW Cyprus outlining the Commandaria region

Currently, Commandaria holds a protected designation of origin (PDO) within the European Union,[26] the United States[27] and Canada.[28][29] By Cypriot legislation passed on March 2, 1990, it is only produced in a collection of 14 neighbouring villages: Agios GeorgiosAgios KonstantinosAgios MamasAgios PavlosApsiouGerasaDorosZoopigiKalo ChorioKapilioLaneiaLouvarasMonagri and Silikou. The designated area has assumed the name of the Commandaria Region and is located on the south facing slopes of the Troödos Mountains at an altitude of 500-900m within the Limassol District. Only grapes from vineyards that have been planted for at least 4 years are allowed. Vine training must follow the goblet method and watering is prohibited. The grape harvest may only commence after the vine products commission of Cyprus has given the green light, based on the average sugar content of the grapes. Xinisteri grapes must demonstrate a sugar content of 212 g/L whilst Mavro can only qualify with a reading of 258 g/L and above. The sugar concentration is then raised by laying the grapes in the sun, usually for 7–10 days, to a strict window of 390 to 450g/L.[30]

Weight 1.450 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 32 cm

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