Jamon Curado Bodega Dompal – Cured Ham 12 Months

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  • Generous Size: Each ham weighs between 6.5 to 7 kg, perfect for extended enjoyment.
  • Matured to Perfection: Expertly cured for 12-14 months to develop its unique flavor.
  • Authentic Accessories Included: Comes with a heavy-duty Spanish ‘Jamonero’ ham holder and carving knife for the ultimate slicing experience.
  • Prestigious Origin: Sourced directly from Jabugo in the Province of Huelva, Spain – the heartland of Jamón.
  • Celebrated Quality: Proud recipient of multiple awards, a testament to its exceptional brand standard.

Jamon Curado Bodega Dompal: A Legacy of Excellence

The Birth of a Delicacy In 1962, Francisco Martin’s passion led to Dompal’s inception. Now, Juan Carlos Tejero guides the brand to international fame. They celebrate awards and global recognition for their superior ham.

Jabugo: The Heart of Curing In Jabugo, Dompal has set up advanced drying chambers. They ensure the ham matures to perfection. Preparation happens below, while the cellar acts as a waiting room for the ultimate feast.

Unparalleled Quality Their Bodega Ham comes from pigs with natural diets. It has an unbeatable texture. Also, you get a carving set for an authentic experience.

Quick Facts

  • Natural feed for pigs
  • 12 months of curing
  • Internationally awarded

Ingredients and Preservation The ham contains just the essentials: ham, salt, and necessary preservatives. Keep it cool and dry, ideally at 17°C. It will stay fresh for weeks.

Health Benefits This ham suits everyone: young, old, athletes, and those on special diets. It’s packed with vitamins and iron. Plus, it’s great for bone health and low in carbs.

For Every Occasion It’s perfect for families, athletes, and those on keto or high-protein diets. This ham brings luxury to your table.

A Rich History Jamon Curado isn’t just food; it’s part of the Iberian soul, cherished since the Roman Empire.

Continuing Traditions Post-Rome, monks kept the art of ham curing alive. The Iberico ham today is the result of this long-standing tradition.

Award-Winning Heritage With gold medals and food prizes, Dompal stands out as a gourmet champion.

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