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Ikaria Greek Honey – Heather Honey

It is considered to be amongst the elite of Greek honeys and particularly favored by discerning consumers.

The honey is collected from early October to late November and has a highly unpredictable production rate due to sensitivity to changes in the weather.  The anamatomelo of Ikaria is especially coveted due to the  islands wild, indigenous forest heather and its’ pristine nature (no industrialization at all, no large plantations utilizing pesticides/herbicides, and very limited usage of chemicals in individuals’ gardens).


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Heather is a shrub found in Greece that is adorned with numerous flowers. From the nectar of these flowers, bees produce an autumn heather honey which possesses a special aroma and a unique taste.

Anamatomelo (as we call the heather honey here in Ikaria) is a product that has very high nutritional value and is one of the best options for stimulating the body. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which assist the urinary and digestive system.

Additionally, it can help lower cholesterol, is an excellent honey for children with anemia, as well as increase vigor and vitality in seniors.

The honey has a caramel flavor, an intense aroma of the flowers of heather and a red brass color that turns into caramel after crystallization. This crystallization occurs very quickly, ranging from one to three months after collection.

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