Evelaion Healthy Olive Oil 250ml [Organic] 2019 harvest – Cyprus

Healthy Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil- 1230mg/kg , Squalene 4086 mg/kg

low acidity healthy olive oil from Cyprus island .

harvest 2018 silver & bronze and  harvest 2019 Gold awards


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The word Evelaion comes from ancient times. In the old days, Cyprus was called “good olive”. In the 1st century BC, in his work entitled Geographical, Stravonas refers to Cyprus as self-sufficient in olive oil and characterises it as Evelaion.  We have been a small family run organic cultivation business for 20 years and have recently started producing organic extra virgin olive oil and green olive oil high in polyphenols.  Our organic olive groves are located in Potami, a small village in Cyprus, just 25 minutes from Nicosia. Potami is know for its ideal climate conditions for olive cultivation. We collect the olives in the old traditional way and therefore we collect only the best crops. On the same day we transport the olives in ventilated containers for fermentation to a certified oil mill close to our farm. We are one of the first companies in Cyprus to standardise green olive oil from Koronaikis-Cypriot green olives which have a bright green colour and very low acidity, around 0,1-0,4% with cold fermentation. For the extra organic green olives, the harvest takes place at the end of September and requires 4 times the amount of olives for the production of 1 litre of olive oil, making it valuable and unique for its rich and characteristically bitter and spicy taste. Evelaion is an ideal choice with lots of antioxidants and protective factors and it satisfies the EU 432/2012 requirements for olive oil. Evelaion impresses the most demanding olive oil experts while it is considered to be one of the most awarded Cypriot organic olive oils in international competitions. It is certified by Lacon Ltd.

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Evelaion Cyprus




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