Eliama Daily Value Gold Evoo 6x250ml

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  • 2023 Harvest: Featuring our latest, the 2023 harvest, showcasing freshness and quality.
  • Eliama Daily Value Gold: A pack of six exceptional bottles.
  • Authentic Cretan Legacy: Over 300 years of family tradition in olive oil production.
  • Health and Taste United: High polyphenol content for both culinary and health benefits.
  • Sustainable and Pure: Harvested and processed with a deep respect for nature and quality.
  • Cultural Heritage: Deeply rooted in the rich history and traditions of Crete.
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Eliama Daily Value Gold: A Legacy of Cretan Excellence in Every Drop

Discover the heart of Crete’s olive oil tradition with Eliama Daily Value Gold. This exclusive pack of six bottles, with worldwide shipping included, represents the pinnacle of Cretan olive oil craftsmanship. Rooted in a family legacy spanning six generations, the Eliama brand, led by Elli, Myron, and their children, continues to produce exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) at Agia Varvara, Iraklion.

The Eliama Difference:

  • Sustainable Practices: Nestled 600 meters above sea level, our olive groves flourish in pristine conditions. We follow biological agriculture and sustainable development principles, ensuring a harmonious relationship with nature.
  • Early Harvest for Quality: Handpicked in early October, our young olives are processed within hours, yielding high polyphenol (antioxidant) content EVOO.
  • Innovative Production: Our oil extraction is purely mechanical, maintaining temperatures below 25°C for optimal preservation of polyphenols, color, taste, and aroma.

Taste and Health in Harmony:

Eliama Daily Value Gold offers a fruity aroma, a spicy yet balanced aftertaste, and a deep green color. This 100% Koroneiki variety olive oil, cold-pressed for purity, is not just a culinary delight but also a beacon of health.

Scientifically Acknowledged:

Our EVOO, used in scientific research, contributes to understanding the health benefits of polyphenols. Studies link its components, like oleocanthal, to reduced inflammation, heart disease, and cancer risks.

More Than Oil, A Cultural Staple:

As a large family deeply rooted in Crete, we cherish olive oil’s role in our culture and history. Our olive groves, some centuries old, represent not just our heritage but also Crete’s long-standing tradition, evidenced by archaeological finds and ancient olive mills.

Commitment to Excellence:

In 2014, we shifted from wholesale to directly overseeing our olive oil’s standardization and promotion. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure each bottle of Eliama Daily Value Gold retains its pristine condition until it reaches your table.

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3 reviews for Eliama Daily Value Gold Evoo 6x250ml

  1. Kristine Oyola (verified owner)

    Great quality and amazing company! Eliama has helped both of my children with autoimmune issues and autism and that is why we still purchase from the US! Thank you from bottom of mine and my family’s heart!!

    • stelios ellinas

      Thank tou for your support and trust in Gourmet Groceries and our products !

  2. Michelle (verified owner)

    Delicious tasting and full of beneficial phenols for myself and my family. I accidentally entered the wrong address for shipping and the customer service when I called was outstanding! Definitely going to continue ordering. Thank you!

    • stelios ellinas

      thank you for your feedback ! we also do make mistakes but there is always a way to fix them !
      keep well and enjoy !! hope to see you back soon at

  3. Delphine Oneke

    Having a child with special needs is a tough task but gourmet groceries range of special oils and other products give hope for tomorrow. My non verbal 5 year old can now mimic a few words just after consuming Eliama, Dropoflife, and Atsas. I will use these products every day of my life. Thank you for giving us life in our desperation.

    • stelios ellinas

      thank you so much …these comments make us work harder and find new healthy products to our online shop !

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