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Eliama Daily Value Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml) harvest 2021

Healthy High Phenolic EVOO Awarded a Gold Health Claim

857 mg/kg Total Phenols

250 ml 2021 harvest


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Eliama is a family business that has been producing healthy Greek extra virgin olive oil for six generations in Agia Varvara on the island of Crete. Their olive groves thrive at 600 meters altitude in an unspoiled mountainous location in the middle of the island.

With an unusual balance of an appealing taste and aroma as well as healthy components, Eliama Daily Value early harvest extra virgin olive oil has won numerous quality awards in international competitions.

Each year, Elli Titaki, Greta Wozniak, and their team produce 2,000-3,000 liters of very early harvest Eliama Daily Value Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) with a Health Claim. This EVOO is

  • sold in 250 ml bottles
  • free of pesticides and chemical residues
  • rich in health-protective phenolic compounds and squalene

Scientific evidence suggests that phenolic compounds and squalene have cardioprotective and anticarcinogenic properties, as well as numerous other health benefits.

To produce this healthy prize, the Eliama team takes great care from the olive groves to the mill and the storage area. For example, they add the inert gas nitrogen to the stainless steel storage tank and keep its temperature as low as 12 to 15 degrees Celsius year-round to avoid the heat and oxygen that can damage olive oil.

Why is Eliama Daily Value Gold with a Health Claim much more than an expensive extra virgin olive oil? It is an excellent supplement, from our stomach to our brain. The Eliama team’s attention to detail keeps their EVOO fresh tasting and healthy.

More about the creation of Eliama Daily Value Gold with a Health Claim  from its producers

Grown in the warm, dry climate of central Crete, with very little rain for seven or more months each year, our trees are not irrigated. This means

  • a lower yield from each tree
  • 10-20 kg of olives instead of 30-35 kg
  • 1-2 liters of olive oil
  • higher quality extra virgin olive oil

We harvest our olives while they are still unripe, because then they have the higher concentration of health-protective substances we are looking for in an olive oil that may be used as a dietary supplement.

At Ellis Farm, we decided to go even farther as trailblazers in the field of olive oil and health. With great respect for nature, its ecological balance, and human health, we have never used chemical pesticides. We do not believe it is possible to produce a Superfood, a dietary supplement of high nutritional value, a product to help prevent disease and maintain good health, using chemical poisons.

Of course, our organic production methods are very labor intensive, but we spare no expense. Our team needs to shake the pests off our olive trees every ten days in the two months before harvest. The final shaking, a day or two before harvest, also removes unhealthy olives from the tree, so only the best fruit remains. We lose 70% of the product this way, but what remains is well worth the trouble.

So an aged olive tree (which might be 100 years old) may produce only one 250 ml bottle of oil. But this is a bottle of extra virgin olive oil with uniquely high concentrations of the phenolic compounds that are so beneficial to our health. A bottle of olive oil without any residue of chemical insecticides. And most importantly a bottle containing the juice of exceptional, carefully selected olive fruit.

During production and bottling, we take great care to avoid substances that could harm our products. So our olive oils have quality certifications and certifications for substances such as pesticides, herbicides, and plasticizers.

During bottling, a specially designed machine inverts our bottles (which have Quality Certification Estal ISO, Spain) and blows in liquid nitrogen, which becomes a gas when it comes in contact with the environment. This pushes out any oxygen in the bottle. Speedy capping ensures only the presence of nitrogen between the cap and the olive oil—no oxygen to enable the oxidation that could damage our oil’s quality.

So you can enjoy the flavor and nutritional benefits of Eliama Daily Value Gold with a Health Claim.

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