Drop Of Life Healthy Olive Oil Limited Reserve (150 bottles ) in Wooden Box ( pre orders/2020 harvest available in November 15th 2020 ) Free Worldwide Shipping


Only 150 numbered 500 ml bottles available in 2020 harvest ( after November 15 th)

Phenolic content 12 times higher than the EU Health Claim requires

Total Phenols 2616 mg/kg (for 2020 harvest we will keep you posted)

Squalene 8248 mg/100g

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In 2020, only 99 numbered bottles of this Greek extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) were produced. Drop of Life Limited Reserve is an extremely healthy high phenolic olive oil with 12 times more phenols than what European regulations require to justify the EU health claim for olive oil and its “protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress” (if 20 g are consumed daily).

After years of research, analysis, and advice from scientists in order to continually improve their methods and products, the Mathiopoulos family and their team at the Greek Olive Estate developed their own brand. Each year, they carefully select the best fruit and the best harvest time to provide you with the highest level of health benefits their olive trees can offer.

Just hours after an early harvest among the herbs on the mountainous slopes of Arcadia near the tiny village of Rizospilia, the Greek Olive Estate team transports their olives to the mill. There they extract the olive juice under the carefully controlled conditions that will produce and preserve the highest phenolic content they can attain.

The result: awards every year. For example, in 2016, at the first Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards ceremony in Athens, Drop of Life was distinguished as the highest phenolic olive oil of more than 3,000 samples. Coming from the area of Ancient Olympia, it was produced from the type of olives first designated the “Olympia” variety at that ceremony.

This exclusive treasure is packaged in a limited number of elegant 500 ml glass bottles that can be purchased either with or without a lovely, protective wooden box to make the perfect gift for both loved ones and business connections. They will appreciate Drop of Life Limited Reserve’s excellent balance of fruitiness, bitterness, and spiciness and its grassy aromas, with its amazing 2000 mg/kg (or more!) of healthy phenolic compounds.

2019 Harvest Statistics

  • Polyphenols: 2616 mg/kg (according to the NMR measurement method)
  • Squalene: 8248 mg/100g
  • Olive Variety: 100% Choraitiki (also called Olympia)
  • 99 numbered bottles

No more than 300 boxes of this unique product are manufactured each year—far less, some years.


What is high phenolic olive oil?

It is an especially healthy type of extra virgin olive oil that contains high levels of phenolic compounds (polyphenols), which scientific studies have linked to impressive health benefits. It is produced with great care from unripe olives collected during an early harvest.

What is the EU Health Claim?

European Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012 of 16 May 2012 established a list of permitted health claims for foods. Under “Olive oil polyphenols” on that list, we find out that “Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.” Find out more about this health claim and Why Some Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Especially Good For You.

What is squalene, and why is it good for us?

Squalene is a natural antioxidant found in extra virgin olive oil and in sharks. Commonly used in skin care products, it appears to soothe skin irritation and help wounds heal, as well as reducing cholesterol, helping decrease the risk of some cancers, and inhibiting tumor growth.

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Drop of Life

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3 reviews for Drop Of Life Healthy Olive Oil Limited Reserve (150 bottles ) in Wooden Box ( pre orders/2020 harvest available in November 15th 2020 ) Free Worldwide Shipping

  1. stelios ellinas

    maybe the highest squalene and total phenolic ocntent worldwide for 2020

  2. Monica Sandoval (verified owner)

    I am using this olive oil for medicinal purposes, with my daughter Abigail, she has ASD, and we have had amazing improvement in her inflammatory gut markers. We will be ordering more for sure. Monica Sandoval

    • stelios ellinas

      thank you Monica , we do hope and widh you the best for your daughter !

  3. stelios ellinas


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