Bundle Oro del Desierto 1/10 Limited Edition 4x500ml

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  • Product: Bundle Oro del Desierto 1/10 Limited Edition 4x500ml
  • Harvest: Early October; 10kg olives for 1L of oil
  • Freshness: Best used within 6-8 months
  • Presentation Bundle of : Personalized 4x500ml bottle in an individual case
  • Production: 2-phase extraction from early veraison olives
  • Varieties: 40% Arbequina, 60% Picual
  • Origin: Finca el Vicario, Desierto de Tabernas, Almería
  • Tasting Notes: Intense green color, vegetal aroma, a blend of tomato, grass, apple, almond flavors
  • Pairing Suggestions: Fresh cheeses, green salads, cold sauces, toast
  • Usage: Best enjoyed raw



Bundle Oro del Desierto 1/10 Limited Edition: A Spanish Culinary Treasure

Introduction to Excellence Discover the Oro del Desierto 1/10 Limited Edition, an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil from Spain. This 500ml bottle is a true representation of Spanish olive oil craftsmanship.

The Essence of 1/10 The name “1/10” signifies the oil’s unique production process. Harvested on October’s first day, the olives are in their early veraison phase. Remarkably, producing one liter of this oil requires 10 kilograms of these select olives.

Seasonal Freshness and Limited Availability We pride ourselves on delivering freshly extracted, raw olive oil. This seasonal product, unavailable at other times, retains its pristine qualities for 6-8 months post-bottling. Enjoy it raw to experience its full flavor profile.

Elegant Presentation and Extraction Process Each 500ml bottle, encased in a personalized, screen-printed package, showcases the oil’s exclusivity. Produced through a 2-phase extraction from early veraison olives, 95% of which are green, this oil is a testament to our commitment to quality.

A Blend of Tradition and Flavor The oil blends 40% Arbequina and 60% Picual olives from Finca el Vicario, Desierto de Tabernas, Almería. This fusion results in an oil with a dense, intense green hue. Its flavor and aroma are robust, with notes of tomato plant, grass, apple, and almond.

Tasting and Pairing In tasting, the oil reveals a medium astringency, itch, and bitterness, which mellows over time. It achieves a harmonious balance, enhancing dishes like fresh cheeses, green salads, and cold sauces. Ideal for toasts or enjoying raw with bread, it brings a burst of Spanish flavor to your table.

Conclusion: A Culinary Must-Have Bundle Oro del Desierto 1/10 is not just an olive oil; it’s a culinary experience. Its distinct production process, flavor profile, and limited availability make it a must-have for gourmet enthusiasts.


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