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Mala Vida Beer (with red wine Mala Vida) 5.5% alcohol

12 bottles x 33 cl  (only sold as full box)


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 After the success of his red Mala life wineries Arraez has brought to market a beer with the same spirit and the same name as the wine, “easy to drink” and a very special peculiarity: a small amount of wine in its composition than together with the fact of wood from the aging barrels infuse Mala Vida during fermentation, give it a taste and a few very special wood and red wine aromas. It’s beer ale style wood age (age of wood), of 5.5 degrees of alcohol, made with three kinds of malt and hops, reddish and fine bubbles.  A beer, sweet, Woody and toasty aromas and sweet and “very pleasant”.  “We were expecting to be a beer similar to the Red Mala life, not in its composition, but in its form of drinking; beer drink easy, easy to understand and to drink and to all audiences,”explained from the winery .

Mala life has aromas of wood, sweet. “The visual presents a color that is between a Lager and a toast, so we could categorize it as red beer“. After pulling well beer is a off-white cream, “which is making you drinks as you go sticking them in the Cup”, explained from Arraez.

“The taste we have a taste sweet, very nice; It’s easy to drink beer,”they added. Its 5.5 degrees of alcohol and the little carbon make it “very nice”, affect the winery.

Serving the beer, it is recommended to not rush bottle, since being a product completely natural and artisan the second fermentation takes place inside the bottle, and the dead yeast left in the background. In the case of wheat beers, they leave a sweet, pleasant flavor which does not occur with malt, which gives a more bitter taste and that cloud the beer.

Mala Vida. Beer body and soul of red wine. Soul of (bad life.) mala vida


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