ATSAS 5-Bottle Set: Buy 4, Get 1 discounted 2020 harvest

ATSAS Pure Organic High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2020 harvest
(ATSAS Set, Box 1)
2 x 250ml + 2 x 100ml + 1 discounted 100 ml

Worldwide deliveries via DHL Courier

(10 customer reviews)


Atsas is a multiple award-winning, exceptional organic EVVO that is produced directly from olives and solely by mechanical means in a small farm located in the island of Cyprus. The olives are gently harvested by hand, using regenerative agriculture.
This premium and unique organic extra virgin olive oil, stands out from the usual oils due to its high content of polyphenols, particularly oleocanthal and oleacein, which have major health-protecting properties. It has high antioxidant and anti-aging effects. Moreover, it is a strong anti-inflammatory food that works like ibuprofen while it is 28 times more oleocanthal than the average olive oil: 18 g per day of this amazing EVVO is equivalent to the maximum ibuprofen dose per day (3.2g).

A teaspoon of this premium, tasty olive oil can transform your salad into an amber elixir!

Double Gold Metal – Aristoleo High Phenolic Awards
Gold Award – Olympia – World Olive Center for Health
World Record – Healthiest Olive Oil
‘Health Claim’ Silver award by the 2018 London International Olive Oil Competition

Comes in a luxurious glass bottle that is both elegand and simple. It is solid black so, it keeps the treasure inside, away from any source of light that could oxidize the containing oil. This offer contains 2 bottles of 100ml each, 2 bottles of 250ml each and a complimentary 100ml bottle.

BBC Travel: A Paradise in a Buffer Zone Atsas (Cyprus)
Huffpost: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cyprus-rising_b_583734dce4b0a79f7433b4cd

Weight 1.990 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 34 cm


10 reviews for ATSAS 5-Bottle Set: Buy 4, Get 1 discounted 2020 harvest

  1. stelios ellinas

    a great box and most value for money products vs shipping !!!!!!!

  2. mitch_boniog (verified owner)

    Amazing product! This package gave the best value and it arrived safe and fast. Thank you so much!♡

  3. sherrymorada (verified owner)

    Classy packaging, fast shipping, and of course, awesome product! In short, I got my money’s worth

  4. sherrymorada (verified owner)

    Classy packaging, fast shipping, and of course, awesome products! In short, I got my money’s worth

  5. jenivytam (verified owner)

    Hassle-free transaction. It came less than a week. Thank you so much Sir for a very smooth transaction. This is my second purchase already and looking forward for third and fourth transactions! Thank you!!

  6. joycejumawan1981 (verified owner)

    Precious oil carefully packaged, arrived intact and ahead of schedule too. Thank you.

  7. rianne_vil (verified owner)

    Very fast transaction. Very nice packaging. Thank you for a very good special NP offer.This is a big help for us parents here in the PH that you extend your shipping to countries like the PH.Will order again.

  8. carlajoyceanne.cezar (verified owner)

    Fast delivery to the Philippines and very nice packaging. Thank you, Gourmet Groceries! Looking forward to the 2019 Harvest of Atsas EVOO.

  9. Maria Preciosa Prieto (verified owner)

    Gourmet Groceries has been pretty impressive in general at its overall handling of customer transactions. This Atsas set is no exemption. I have ordered this set multiple times for myself, for a cousin, and for some colleagues. This 2×250 + 2×100 + free 100 ml Atsas set always comes in well-packaged and delivered quickly. I highly recommend this set to anyone who would like to give Atsas a try as it’s the starter set that can give anyone the most value for their money.

  10. Akudo (verified owner)

    Loved this olive oil. I was looking a olive oil with high phenolic for cognitive development and someone referred atsas . I am highly impressed with it and delivery was so quick to London too. You can tell it’s medicinal from the test. My fingered are so crossed for the effect I believe this will have on my son’s development.

    • stelios ellinas

      thank you so much for your kind feedback ! we also wish you happy healing !

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