12x500ml Drop of Life Organic Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bulk Offer (free worldwide Shipping )2021 harvest

12 X 500 ml (Free DHL Express shipping worldwide!)2021 harvest

In stylish 500 ml black glass bottles with built-in pourers

Protects LDL cholesterol from oxidative stress


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This well-balanced early harvest Greek organic olive oil features a grassy aroma, medium fruitiness, and a lingering bitter, spicy flavor. A high phenolic extra virgin olive oil eligible for the EU health claim, Drop of Life Organic Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers significant health benefits when 20 g (two tablespoons) are consumed each day.

Working with an ancient olive variety using new techniques developed after years of research and scientific advice, the Mathiopoulos family and their team take pride in the natural health benefits of their low acidity olive oil. At the Greek Olive Estate near the little village of Rizospilia on the slopes of Arcadia, they harvest their olives before they are fully ripe, promptly extract the olive juice, and carefully monitor the production, bottling, and storage processes in order to offer a flavorful, nutritious product.

Drop of Life Organic Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants that may help prevent such health problems as high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.




The Greek Olive Estate

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2 reviews for 12x500ml Drop of Life Organic Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bulk Offer (free worldwide Shipping )2021 harvest

  1. Jason Lowe (verified owner)

    Our favorite olive oil! We’ve ordered several of the oils on this site but this one is the most delicious. Our children love it on their food as do we.

    • stelios ellinas

      It is a great oil indeed with this producers having 3 different high phenolic evoos from around 1600 till 3000 + phenols !!! The greek olive estate at

  2. Lourdes Martinez (verified owner)

    100% Recommended

    The most beneficial olive oil you will EVER find is Drop of Life. My son, Gustavo, has benefited from this product for the past couple of months. The effect of the polyphenols in olive oil has had an effect on the cognitive area of his brain. Gustavo is a nonverbal child, so I was surprised to notice a change in his behavior from the start. By the next day, after consuming the oil for the first time, Gustavo was starting to attempt to communicate verbally and presented echolalia (repetition of the words that he hears). As time passed on, my son became consistent in verbally expressing his needs. For example, during Gustavo’s occupational therapy, he will stop mid-session and verbally announce, “first, I need some water.” This is a huge feat for him since this was not something he was comfortable doing prior to taking Drop of Life.

    In the beginning, I did a dose impregnation. This means that I increased the recommended dose and lowered the dosage on consecutive days. This provided a huge, positive shift in the cognitive area of his brain. Gustavo’s visual contact is getting better every day. He has become very spontaneous in expressing himself. Gustavo even answers when I ask him a question now. This is the beginning of a daily, therapeutic administration of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a high polyphenol content.

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