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λ /lambda/ Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml) – The First Luxury Olive Oil

The first luxury olive oil in the world, available since 2007.

Award-winning, Celebrity favored, Limited quantities

500 ml glass bottle in a stylish handmade leather pouch with a 1-page leaflet


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On the market since 2007, Lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the world’s first luxury olive oil. Produced by Speiron, an innovative Greek Luxury Food & Beverage Company, this limited-production, award-winning Greek olive oil is favored by celebrities and socialites worldwide for its pungent, fruity flavor and uniquely elegant presentation.

λ /lambda/ Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has been called many things in many countries: 

  • “The Rolls Royce of olive oils” by Rassegna dell’ Imballaggio in Italy 
  • “The Chanel No.5 of olive oils” by Real News in Greece
  • “The Ferrari of olive oils” by Status magazine in Greece
  • “Posh Lipid” by Key Biscayne magazine in the USA
  • “Liquid Gold” by Blue Design magazine in Portugal
  • “Glory Oil” by Jetgala magazine in Singapore 
  • “Brilliant” by Los Angeles Times in the USA
  • “Oil like champagne” by Typos in Greece

How did Speiron create such an exceptional Greek extra virgin olive oil? The company’s founder, Giorgos Kolliopoulos, is a perfectionist who studied the International Olive Council’s organoleptic assessment (tasting) method in order to become an olive oil connoisseur. Then he decided it was time to reinvent the product by offering an unparalleled olive oil experience that encompasses aroma, flavor, and the visual artistry of a sleek modern package with options for even more distinctive luxury.

The oil for Lambda EVOO is carefully extracted from selected olives handpicked from some of Greece’s oldest Koroneiki and Maroneia olive trees. The unfiltered result of the cold extraction process undergoes repeated organoleptic and chemical analyses to ensure the most striking flavor and most desirable chemistry. This includes notably low acidity and a well-balanced blend with notes of artichoke, green tomato, almonds, and grass.

Lambda Ultra Premium EVOO is bottled and labeled by hand, without machines. It undergoes quality control at five stages, with eight individuals paying attention to every detail for each bottle. This enables high quality and avoidance of the oxidation that could spoil the oil’s wonderful flavor and health benefits.

Limited quantities of Lambda are available; you can find them only at select upscale gourmet stores and high-end hotels, or online at

Awards and Distinctions

  • 2008: Silver Medal, New York Festivals
  • 2012: Selected for the Harrodian, Harrods’ finest gourmet selection
  • 2014: Included in the world’s most expensive Christmas Hamper
  • 2018 & 2019: LUX UK Global Excellence Awards – Luxury Olive Oil of the Year
  • World record: Bespoke λ /lambda/. The most expensive olive oil in the world.
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