We offer bulk purchase options for customers who want to save on shipping and overall price. The products of these orders will be repackaged in bigger DHL Express boxes for even safer transport.

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  • 12 x 500ml Pamako Monovarietal Olive Oil (Free Worldwide Shipping )

  • 12x500ml Yanni’s Finest Olive Grove High Phenolic Finest Evoo (worldwide free shipping)

  • 12 x 375ml Mani Blauel High Polyphenol Organic Evoo (free worldwide shipping)

  • 4 x 500ml Pamako Organic Blend Evoo (Free Worldwide Shipping )

  • 24x200ml PhenOLIV Organic Super Pack (Free shipping worldwide) harvest 2022

  • 24x250ml KOPOS® Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil -bulk offer (free worldwide Shipping)

  • High Phenolic Super Box 4: Bundle Greek Awarded Evoos (Including worldwide shipping)

  • Sevilla Orange Pure Marmelade (800gr Horeca)

  • Mani Blauel Green Organic Olives in Oil 4,7kg

  • Apricot Pure Marmelade (800gr Horeca)

  • Strawberry Pure Marmelade (800gr Horeca)

  • Mani Blauel Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece 3 Litre

  • Mani Blauel Organic Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece 5 litre

  • 2 x 5 Litre Mani Blauel Organic Evoo (including worldwide shipping)