Anama ビンテージ 2012 スイーツワイン ( 250ml )


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A contemporary concept based on the foundations of the oldest historically recorded wine in the world, <Kyprion Nama> and its successor, known today as ‘Commandaria’, thus produced from Cyprus’s indigenous grape varieties Xynisteri (white) & Mavro (red). The limited scale production is made using modern oenological methods and followed by a 2-year aging period in new oak barrels. Finally, the wine’s ‘outfit’ is custom-designed & made on an annual basis. Each & every bottle is labeled using precious materials and bares a unique hand-punched number, thus completing the product’s collectable profile.

Release date : November 2016


Oak Barrel Aging Period : 5 years

Further Aging Potential in bottle : 40 years+

Alcohol : 14% vol

Suggested serving temperature : 14-16 °C

Additional Notes : Alongside the release of ‘Anama 2012, The ‘Anama Concept team also launched their new creative photographic journal, ‘The Character Project’ – another inspiring fresh collaboration with rinis13 photography. To see the project click here

重さ 1.2 kg
大きさ 6.5 × 6.5 × 15 cm