We are dedicated to providing exceptional gourmet food and beverages, as well as high-quality gift boxes!

Our collection of gourmet gifts, filled with hand-selected items personally assembled, are the perfect experiences to share and savor.

Make every day delicious with gourmet products.

Gourmet Groceries is a leading luxury gifts company, based in Nicosia, Cyprus. We offer our clients a vast gourmet product range to select from. Additionally, we can prepare custom made packages, based on your unique needs and preferences. Our uniquely crafted boxes contain an exclusive selection of the most premium Greek and Cypriot products, customized especially for you.

Our company, within its privately owned facilities, specializes in the preparation of corporate gifts. Our aim is to perfectly serve the most demanding of customers from all over the world, throughout our cooperation with the leading courier and transport company, DHL, by packaging and promptly delivering luxurious gifts to your doorstep.

The philosophy behind the luxury gifts of Gourmet Groceries is to provide gifts that are distinguished for their unique attributes, thus addressing the tastes of discerning clients and their loved ones. All of our products are of Cypriot and Greek origin, multi-awarded, organic, natural and of the finest quality. They are carefully selected and packaged to meet your high-quality standards of gastronomical pleasure, whilst paying tribute to nature with the utmost respect.

We are certain that our gifts will meet your refined tastes and expectations of high quality, as our products are being made with effort and passion under the most stringent standards, and are designed to satisfy even the most demanding palate.

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The Idea

Gourmetgroceries.com was created to sharing  my passion for amazing, nutritious food with the world, believing each product should tell a story and deliver an authentic experience.

Rich flavors and superior ingredients make our gourmet products and gift boxes a favorite, time-honored way to celebrate every occasion by creating lasting memories!

Stelios Elinas – Managing Director

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